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Mike Damiani: "During EA's press conference at E3 back in 2011, Insomniac revealed a new four-player co-op game entitled Overstrike. More than a year later, there hadn't been much in the way of updates on the game, but rather rumors about the project getting an overhaul or being outright cancelled. Last week we got to travel to Insomniac's offices in Burbank, CA to see the re-unveiling of the game, which is now called Fuse. Many of the core elements have been carried over from the Overstrike project, but the style is something entirely different."

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Freak of Nature2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )


cookie-cut, safe bet, "NOT" outside of the box". no real appeal to the characters or environments, no memorable style or hook, nothing fresh, just been there, done that...

It lacks creativity, style, innovation (for the most part) it does have some interesting aspects weapons wise...Bland, UN-interesting,uninspiring... And just run of the mill, not terrible, but not impressive, a non memorable opening look...


The Rare we knew is gone, ODDWORLD has been missing with something new for 7.5 years now...At least I still have Media Molecule for something creative and stylish, with innovation and guts to take a risk or two...

Why not a The Incredibles, and Team Fortress 2 look and stylle? The colors and vibrant lighting seem to have been muted, sucked out... of overstrike, and has become FUsE...

I wish IG's would do what they do best...Create caricature/toon based act/platform type games... I recall hearing about two years ago a rumor about IG's creating a act/RPG platformer (along the lines of Zelda)......If only...

Carl_Shocker2280d ago

"The first thing to note is that the title Fuse refers to an alien substance that humanity came across after a spaceship crashed on Earth in the 1940s. Ted Price frequently emphasized Fuse is a story-driven game, and we got a small sample of the game's narrative. Over the decades, the fuse substance was used to create advanced weapons, but now a dangerous faction called Raven has gotten its hands on some fuse, and it’s up to your team to recover the stolen weapon"

Jeez even the story sounds bland

"Naya Devereaux specializes in stealth and can use camouflage to sneak up on enemies and take them out undetected"

I thought they said they scrapped the old idea because of stealth issues...

"If even one team member falls in battle and is failed to be revived, the game ends. This is just one of the various ways Fuse encourages team work"

...and what about solo players. Least in a game like L4D or Borderlands if the other players were down you could keep on playing.

BitbyDeath2280d ago

Insomniac sure are going downhill.
Wish they'd stop making shooters and put out more games with the graphical style of Spyro and Ratchet and Clank.