Read GamePro's 'Nonsense' Gears of War 2 Article

Yeah, that overhyped Gears of War 2 GamePro article has been trashed by Epic honcho Mark Rein, who called the article "complete nonsense." Since the developer hasn't given the magazine an exclusive, what the hizzy heck does the article actually say? Kotaku commenter Willows scanned the article. It reads:

"Gears of War 2 hasn't officially been announced yet, but our sources rumor that the sequel to the Xbox 360 hit is indeed coming in 2008. And what better way for Microsoft to counter Metal Gear than with a few gears of its own.

But it's not enough to just retread shooter territory in Gears 2. The first game was great, but it didn't blow anyone away with originality. It simply put all the best aspects of other shooters into one amazing package. And aside from the obvious graphical superiority and online co-op mode, most of Gears of War was standard shooter stuff."

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PumPum3763d ago

" counter MGS...."

Dont buy the mag sad attempt to get readers.

wageslave3763d ago

"Trolling" has been alive and well in the mass media for a long long time.

Its not just here on the interweb where these trolls exist.

BulletToothtony3762d ago

in reality MGS4 would need GeOW2 PLUS another 2 more games to counter it..

GeOW2 won't be the magic thing that some fanboys are hoping it to be, a lot of people have been wishing for sony to fail and over and over we've heard people, well this will cripple sony, i read so many times, the ps3 dies sept 25th, all these comments are just blind fanboyism and i'm quite tired of them

ps3 it's here to stay, and win and then some, accept it and stop trying to cling on to stupid ideas

leon763763d ago

The xbots are completly desperate to beat the spectacular games that will be relesed for the PS3...they know that are a lack of games in x360 to beat MGS4, KZ2 and resistance2 so they make up rumours like this one to keep on dreaming...of course Gow2 will be release, there's no doubt, but not yet, epic isn't allredy confirmed this title... But xbots wanted this to be true, sorry guys, stop this false rumours, they're useless!!!!

socomnick3763d ago

Gamepro is a horrible mag :/

OpiZA3763d ago

Lol @ Gamepro. oh dear.

Zancruz3763d ago

The 360 has little to no good must have games coming out this year..... So they better get gears 2 out!

DEADEND3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Yea your right they need GEAR 2 but lets be real it's not going to happen until next year, hell I want it to come out this year so I can get another 360 but it's not so their going to be in trouble because Sony's lineup for this year is full of AAA titles. And right now everything is looking in Sony's favor, they out sold the 360 in 2007 and right now everyone is jumping the band wagon. MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP, R:FOM 2, Haze, Gran Turismo 5, Wipeout HD, White Knight, Motorstorm 2 and a ton of more games to be announced for this year. So yea your right they need GEAR 2 but will it happen.

wageslave3763d ago

Nah. The Xbox 360 has more than enough killer-apps for this year.

I havent even gotten through half the games I have now. I've got weeks of Lost Odyssey ahead... and, I've got three friends who just bought Xbox 360 for the sole purpose of playing EA NHL08 over LIVE every night.

I know it is popular for non-Xbox 360 owners to infer that Xbox 360 owners shouldnt be happy, I can assure you, I've got more games than time... and 2008 will prove to be worse in that regard Im sure:

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