Okami HD comparison video

Considered a underrated classic for PS2, Okami is coming to PS3 and bringing it's beautiful art style with it. Check out this video and see how the original graphics compare to the newer, high quality footage taken from the upcoming HD rerelease for PS3.

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ZeroChaos2279d ago

I want to know a release date :(

Spenok2278d ago

Whatever the release date... i'm buying day 1.

Bimkoblerutso2279d ago

There's an option to turn the canvas texture on, isn't there? It looks absolutely great in HD, but it seems to missing the "canvas" effect altogether.

Lucreto2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Yes it is in this video

Starts at the 5.30 mark.

DJDeez2279d ago

Have it on the PS2 and Wii. Now, if they can only do a Vita version....

Vitalogy2279d ago

Totally agree, I've said before that this game would work better on the Vita than on ps3 simply because of the Vita's hardware (touch screen and touch pad).