Conflict: Denied Ops Demo Impressions (Xbox 360)

Ripten's Dan Landis writes:

"Maybe I'm spoiled. Maybe my expectations are too high. Whatever the reason, the most positive thing I can say about Conflict: Denied Ops is that I was not physically injured by how horrible it was."

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Twizlex3693d ago

Yeah, that demo did suck. I played it co-op with my brother and we both were pretty unimpressed.

gamesR4fun3693d ago

lol I luv ripten reviews

Still gonna wait to see this one in action for myself.

Twizlex3692d ago

You can download the demo now, so no wait needed!

IQUITN4G3693d ago

We're flooded with FPS every year and maybe a few of them pass as being merely quite good.Very rarely a real gem emerges but i'm sure not proud of where the games industry is regarding FPS.Why do people buy this sh!te.

The demo was just like every other FPS ie unremarkable and completely forgettable.

Is it really that hard to nail FPS in a way that puts it past feeling like nothing has moved on since Goldeneye - truly nothing seems to have been learned by greats such as Goldeneye and Halo and devs should really should be embarrassed by this.

bigjclassic3693d ago

that demo was one of the worst ones yet. And yet another reason why the FPS genre needs time off.

bloop3693d ago

Horrible, absolutely horrible. Deleted it after about 3 minutes.

Twizlex3692d ago

Actually, the game is so forgettable that I didn't remember to delete it until the next day.