NBA Live 13 delayed, no release date in sight

NBA Live 13 has officially been delayed, and won't launch at the beginning of October as expected. EA hasn't given a new release date for the game yet. Competitor NBA 2K13 is still set to drop on October 2, and the NBA season is scheduled for a start on October 30 of this year.

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NYC_Gamer2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

EA just fails again.I'm not surprised after looking at that trailer and its plastic looking character models/arcade gameplay.

Blaze9292050d ago

they need to just give it up. They had to buy the NFL license to kick 2K out of the NFL world. All 2K had to do was keep making better games, and they kicked EA out the NBA world, with no money spent.

ChunkyLover532050d ago

They should just stop, its getting embarrassing at this point.

StrongMan2050d ago

@Fred Quatman

No they shouldn't stop. Competition is a good thing.

ChunkyLover532050d ago

Competition is only good if they are pushing each other. EA hasn't released a NBA Live game in years, obviously they went all Brian Wilson when NBA 2K10 was released.

They are getting smacked and are unable to really put up a fight. They should probably start from scratch and come out swinging next generation. Maybe release on Wii U, which is the most powerful console.

RivetCityGhoul2050d ago

2K is their own competition, they didn't have competition for two years and they're still finding ways to push themselves even further

nevin12050d ago

This is what they came up with in the 2-3 years of being out of the NBA market?

2pacalypsenow2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

its looks(graphics) 100x better than 2k . And the jerseys dont move because the new jerseys are super tight and they don't move in real life unless your kobe with a 5XL jersey

redsymphony2050d ago

is this a ps2 trailer the jerseys dont even have any movement

magtuse162050d ago

i like how everyone's shoulder looks bulky and fake

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