Link an Xbox 360 and PC

Discover how Microsoft's games console can be used to bring music and video stored on a PC to life.

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mighty_douche3845d ago

Do people really have a problem connecting the 2? I set it up for my flat mate in about 5 minutes, so he could watch movies off my PC in his room. Easy!

bumnut3844d ago

it tells you how to do this on ms website.

pointless article

3844d ago
davidadrake3844d ago

I can hardly believe that someone wrote this. How is this news?

SRT4Chris4013844d ago

Why do you need to have to machines on to do what you only need one to do with. How about this, maybe M$ should make it alot easier to load MP3's and movies onto the HDD ourselves instead of forcing us to use they're downloadable content to buy what we already have, just so could put it on the HDD, or having to stream them from my pc. Come on, aren't we supposed to be saving the enviroment, and making our carbon footprint smaller. Doesn't make sense to turn 2 power hungry machines to stream a movie to your console....