36 New MLB 2K8 Screenshots

36 new screenshots from 2K Sports' MLB 2K8 including the first look at minor league teams and players.

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marinelife93671d ago

MLB 08 has 9 gigabytes just of play by play audio. I think I'll stick with that franchise instead.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3671d ago

didnt HS have 10 GB of sound? wtf does the sound have to do with the screen shots that were posted?

Graphics by ATi3671d ago

Hello.....the screenshots represent the game as a whole, therefore we speak of any aspect of the game.

Or we can do it your way and just compare screenshots and have all other aspects of the game completely ignored and irrelevant.

marinelife93671d ago

You must not have seen any screen shots for MLB 08. It looks just as good if not better. So with graphics being a wash I'm looking for other factors to determine my purchasing decision. Since I own a PS3 I have a choice on which baseball game to choose. I choose the one that offers me the possibility of not hearing repetitive play calling.

BTW yes heavenly sword did have a ton of space dedicated to audio and if you played the game you would have seen that the voice acting was second to none because of it.

Graphics by ATi3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

For some reason the player models in the 2K baseball games just don't look....right.

I prefer the new look of MLB 08 much more.

I think it's more realistic.

Greysturm3671d ago

But i like mlb 08 better for a baseball game this year.

TwaatKnocker3671d ago

Yeah the show just looks more real. Also I dont know why 2k always has the players jerseys look like they are constantly being hit by heavy wind, it just looks stupied and makes the player models look cartoony.

marinelife93671d ago

I always wondered that too. The flags will be limp but the players jersey's look like they're in old Candlestick Park all the time.

Graphics by ATi3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

hmmm...the picture upload and the URL image link aren't working.

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