Nintendo Will Not Sell GamePad Separately In North America

When Nintendo finally revealed Wii U would support up to two GamePad controllers, one of the first questions many fans asked was "How much will one of those cost?" After Nintendo's Wii U launch presentation earlier today, I caught up with Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime to ask just that. Much to my surprise, Fils-Aime said gamers wouldn't have to worry about it - Nintendo isn't planning on selling GamePads as accessories in North America.

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Emilio_Estevez2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Misleading title is misleading, they aren't going to sell them right away cuz nothing will use 2 or more for a while

guitarded772105d ago

Misleading title on n4g... well I never.

SandWitch2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Controller accidentally falls on the ground.

Need to buy a new console.


Sounds like a good plan to sell more consoles

--Onilink--2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

and honestly, they have a point. Why spend 130-150 on a controller thats not supported right now. Better to use that money on games and 1-2 pro controllers. And when games that do use 2 gamepads start to come out, they put it for sale

--Onilink--2105d ago

i know its dumb to ask this on N4g, but whats with the disagrees?

Why would you prefer to use $150 at launch for a controller thats not supported in any game, instead of buying 3 more games, or 2 games and a pro controller??

You can even use part of that money to get the HDD and you no longer have to worry about space.

Theres a ton of stuff i would prefer to use that money on, instead of a $150 controller that i cant use yet

vortis2105d ago

Because there might be firmware updates or software patches for some games to include support. Better be prepared than trying to fish around for more at the store.

I know COD gets a lot of hate on here but it's pretty cool being able to play on the WiiPad instead of the TV screen for multiplayer. If they added support for four players using multiple pads then yeah, THAT would be cool. It's also possible some people would like to buy a second one just in case something happens to the first one.

BattleAxe2105d ago

Just make sure that you or your kids don't break the game pad that the system comes with. Thats the problem I see with this situation.

rainslacker2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

They do have a point, and it's likely a supply issue more than anything else. However I'd hate to be the person who breaks their controller or has their dog chew it up when they're not looking and have no way to replace it without buying a new system.

They'll end up selling them eventually though and it could make a good lesson for the kiddies in how to take care of their stuff.:)

J_Cob2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

What if you or someone you know breaks it accidentally? (Dropping it, spills etc.) I'm pretty sure the Nintendo warranty doesn't cover accidental damage. Also exchanging it at the store might also be a problem if it sells like the Wii did. That is if the retailer will even accept an exchange if the controller has a cracked screen or other damage. No matter how safe someone is sh_t happens. It may have never happened to you, but if they plan on selling a ton at launch it's bound to happen to someone.

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live2play2105d ago

thats what i said since the beginning

people said it would be confusing because some people will buy the pad thinking it would work on the wii

i said that scenario cant happen because nintendo wont sell seperate gamepads on launch day

i got downvoted like 30 times
called an idiot

and see i was right

i deserve an apology n4g :]

(yeaaaaa right)

ThePsychoGamer2105d ago

Really stupid decision, what if your game pad breaks? pretty much SOL until they decide to start selling the gamepads separately

Fishy Fingers2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Or, return it to the retailer?

Ben_Grimm2105d ago

Or send it to Nintendo for them to fix.

--Onilink--2105d ago

i dont know about you, but if something of mine breaks, i get it fixed or replaced by the manufacturer. I dont go out and buy another one

kornbeaner2105d ago

He must be a 360 owner and used to it with the RRoD. *ZING!*

stragomccloud2105d ago

Nintendo's warranties are pretty good about things like that though.

rainslacker2105d ago

They are pretty good actually. But warranties don't usually cover accidental damage. Probably what you'll see in an accidental scenario is people buying a new system then returning it with the broken controller, which kinda sucks for retail.

stragomccloud2105d ago

Excellent point rainslacker.

ninjabake2105d ago

To everyone complaining about "what if it breaks?" Keep in mind there is a number to call for Nintendo and I'm sure they'd be more than happy to fix it, which is a much better option than running out and buying a $100 controller. Other than that, take care of your electronics! If you can't you probably don't need em in the 1st place.

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Da Ill One2105d ago

So what do you do if the only you have break? because you know accidents happen

Emilio_Estevez2105d ago

probably send it back to Nintendo?

abc12332105d ago

Ever heard of a warranty? They will sell it once games that use 2 gamepads come out, which should be within a year anyway.

metsgaming2105d ago

hes talking about an accident not that it just is broken by itself which would be warrantied but if someone dropped it, threw it against a wall etc. Unless Nintendo covers accidental damage than its a problem. I was also thinking this aswell, i guess they could order one directly from nintendo but that shouldnt be

swansong2105d ago

I can't wait to get me a wii-u when it drops down to $99.

ssb31732105d ago

Not even the Wii is at that price yet, and even so, should you wait till then to buy one then the next generation of consoles will be out by that time.

rCrysis2105d ago

Dude. The Wii is 79.99 pre-owned at gamestop.

swansong2105d ago

That was my way of saying I am in no hurry to get one. Eventually I probably will but first on my list will be the next gen ps4 or xbox.

ScubaSteve12105d ago

how much are the extra controllers will cost? did they say

Sgt_Slaughter2105d ago

The GamePad Pro will cost $49.99 at retail.

Pretty good for a controller.

Also if you have the Classic Controller Pro for the Wii, you could use that first until you save enough money for the extra controller.

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