Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice - TotalPlayStation Review

Verdict: "A pure, unadulterated action flick boiled down into its simplest parts, Extreme Justice wantonly flaunts its ignorance of depth or basis in reality and as a result walks away a top-notch portable effort, and a damn fine follow-up to the original."

• Graphics: 9.0 - Surprisingly great, actually. Streaming all the levels off the UMD makes for some nicely varied and lengthy missions and from vehicular damage to roadside details, the game looks great.

• Sound: 7.0 - The painfully bad voice acting drags the game down a little, but Richard Jacques and crew's tunes thankfully keep it from going entirely under. Oh, and then there's all that gunfire...

• Control: 8.0 - The sniper missions are a bit of a hassle, but everything else, from boats to hovercraft to supercars all drive great.

• Gameplay: 8.0 - Jumping from car to car, then into a chopper to mow down enemies, then into a boat to race the clock to the final destination is awesome - until you get to that destination and you have to shoot it out on foot. Ew.

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