Is the Nintendo Wii U Worth the Price?

Now that the official launch details are here, TechNewsDaily weighs in on whether the Wii U is worth the cash.

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NYC_Gamer2079d ago

It's worth the price if you enjoy Nintendo franchises

Gr812079d ago

Any way, if its worth the price is yet to be seen. I've not been hands on with any of the software so I can't say definitively for sure one way or the other.

My gut though tells me it is a bit too expensive. Economy is rough right now and $350 ain't cheap.

vallencer2079d ago

Yeah the economy is rough but its not much more than a 250gb 360 and specs wise it has more power. Hell the non deluxe model is exactly the same price as a 250gb and still more powerful.

Computersaysno2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

I think it could be a tough sell because there are still very strong competitors on the market in 360 and PS3 that are cheaper, with better back catalogues and still strong titles arriving alongside Wii u's launch.

Wii U will not deliver a significant graphical leap over PS3 and 360. It does not deliver 'brand new' styles of gaming or control to anyone who has used a Wii, touchscreen phone or tablet the past 3 or 4 years.

If you are a Nintendo fan then you'll get it but I think for more casual gamers and audience, then the cheaper PS3 and 360 will appeal more this holiday season.

I personally think Nintendo will have some trouble shifting these after Christmas and we'll see discounts within 6 months.

The Wii U effectively has to now compete directly against PS3 and 360 which they didn't have to with Wii. Established rivals with honed online services and more.

They will surely find that the competition will be hugely stiff, especially outside of Japan. They'll find the machine a hard sell in Europe and North America if they rely too much on multi format games also on cheaper systems with better developed online services.

Hatsune-Miku2079d ago

I can get superior games on the ps3 in mass amount and its cheaper. Wii u isn't worth the asking price. Sony may announce and release a smaller and cheaper ps3 at TGS

The Wii u needs a price drop. Preferably a 1/3 of the price should be deducted.

NYC_Gamer2079d ago

I agree,Wii-U isn't worth the price to me.The hardcore Nintendo fans will buy the console regardless since they enjoy Mario.

NYC_Gamer2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

I believe it's too expensive based on hardware specs.

Ilovetheps42079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

You are saying it needs a price drop before it even comes out? I went to Gamestop today to preorder mine. They had been taking preorders for about an hour and I was the twelfth person to preorder it. We are a small town so twelve people preordering a system in an hour is pretty impressive. And all of the preorders except for one were for the more expensive console. Let's see how the console does before we say it needs price drop or anything like that.

decrypt2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

At a hefty 350usd featuring tech that is atleast 4 years (5 by the time it launches) old, not at all lol.

A 500usd PC would outperform it pretty badly, no reason to buy locked down hardware.


I am sure the ultimate gaming platform (PC), will pretty soon be emulating the Wii U, just like the Wii lol. Nintendo hardly releases 1 exclusive worth playing a year judging by the Wii's record lol. Id rather buy the game play it on PC just like all the Wii exclusives :P

darthv722079d ago

do you feel compelled to think this is 5 year old tech? Maybe from a pc perspective but we all know this hasnt been done on a console. And yet its always been the same when new platforms come out. the games exceed pc expectations because they do more with less overhead. which leaves more resources for the games to perform.

in time though, pc games and graphic tech surpass the consoles. Does that make the console any less enjoyable? Not in the least. Especially when you figure a new top of the line graphics card can cost double if not triple the console price.

All that $$ for one part in a pc. I will take the balance of convenience and enjoyment for the low low price of $300-350 USD.

Dno2079d ago

thats because your poor. PCs are awesome and once you go to PC gaming its like consoles are Standard Def and PCs are HD.

darthv722079d ago

if by poor you mean unable to go out every 6-7 months and buy the latest and greatest cpu, gpu, mobo and memory then you are correct.

when I build a pc i would like it to be relevant for at least a year or two. That just doesnt seem to be the case. PC's are like new cars. The moment you build one it's already outdated.

At least with a console on a 5yr+ rotation is worth the price as by the time that new system comes out there will have been significant advances over the previous model. Case in point the wii @ 250 vs the wii-u @ 300.

Lots of improvements between then and now even if they arent in the same league as the PC elitist.

CalvinKlein2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

yes or you could spend 200-400 for a ps3/360, that must be at least 10 year old tech by your logic.

jonboi242079d ago

well if you think about it 360 is almost 7 years old. the tech it originally had is pretty old at this point: it still uses dvds, proprietary hd, no built in wifi, no hdmi out put, just to name a few. so yeah at this point the original 360 looks really old.

Twisted_H3art2079d ago

Ye-app 10 year old tech and The Last of Us is still the better looking game then any Wii U title (next gen my foot).

Jls12079d ago

I say yes when ssb u comes out

MEsoJD2079d ago

That was the main purpose of my wii...

Ben_Grimm2079d ago

So many "Is WiiU worth it/Too expensive" articles. I wonder will we get the same amount sympathizers we had for all those media is biased against the Vita the same for these articles.

Lets observe and see ...

ziggurcat2079d ago

these articles appear to be the new vita doom articles.

jonboi242079d ago

I find the price reasonable but the only issues I have right now with it is that you can't buy the gamepad separately at least in America till they have more of them in supply which could be a while. Which sucks because what if it breaks, what to I do then?

GrumpyOldGamer2079d ago

It will be out eventually...

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