Dishonored: most underestimated game of the year and why it’s so good.


"It’s no secret that most of the staff here at OXCGN are extremely excited about Arkane Studios‘ Dishonored, particularly our American reps Nicholas Laborde and Nicholas Capozzoli and our Editor In Chief, David.

This is made evident in Nicholas Capozzoli’s first preview of Dishonored back when E3 was under way in L.A., stating what it has over Assassins Creed III."

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Cheapshot2049d ago

I'm excited that there is actually a new IP people are getting excited about!

Looks like it will fill the void waiting for the release of BioShock: Infinite.

I know moral choices is a big thing in games today, but this sounds as if it actually means something.

gaminoz2049d ago

I wonder how it will be playing as a rat!

DeusExer2049d ago

Maybe you can take out enemies by biting them and giving them diseases?

gaminoz2049d ago

It would certainly give that Japanese obsession with upskirting new opportunities...