Race as Your Mii in Mario Kart Wii

Japan's Weekly Famitsu magazine has the scoop on the latest Mario Kart Wii info. It's been confirmed that you'll be able to bring your Miis to the circuit to race against Mario and company.

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desolationstorm3847d ago

Hell yeah Anne Frank gonna be blazing through the circuits.

OC Shock Value3847d ago

That means everyone gets 2 stare at the back of lil ShockValues head as he destroyes the competition

DraconWolfX3847d ago

This is awesome...But isn't about time that Nintendo released an expansion pack to Mii options? People are super creative (as noticed in the competitions) but some more Mii options would be pretty sweet!

wiizy3847d ago

nice seems like mario may have as much contents as smash....two incredible games are on the way