Nintendo’s Wii U Press Reveal: The News & The Verdict

The Non-Specific Action team judges just how well Nintendo did today.

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Gaming4Ever2049d ago

Am liking the approach they took today.

thetrugamer2049d ago

Needed more online details to seal it for me.

BitbyDeath2049d ago

Is great to hear they are keeping the online free.

DivineAssault 2049d ago

its more attractive to consumers being that its more powerful than current gen for close to the same price.. All they need now is to keep pumping out the software & exclusives so ppl will really take the console seriously.. Theyre moving in the right direction so for that i salute them.. Btr than offering ALL cartoony games & no ports at all.. Hey, $300 + games + pro controller + HDD will be around $400-$450.. Trade in your xbox & itl be $350.. Trade in both wii + 360 & itl be $300.. depending on how many games n accessories

hellvaguy2049d ago

Like the family friendly line of marios, etc. Love the dual analogs, but only luke warm on the controller screen. Ram should have been a bit higher, but at least its a huge improvement.

Free online kinda worries me. Free is cool, but I hope its not subpar service. Overall, its a day 1 pre-order fer me.