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Gearbox Wants to Make More Duke Nukem

During an interview on IGN's Up at Noon, Gearbox Software President Randy Pitchford expressed interest in developing more Duke Nukem games. Gearbox bought the rights to Duke Nukem in 2010 when the studio took over the Duke Nukem Forever project, and it's looking to do even more. (Duke Nukem, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Snookies12  +   1080d ago
Heck yes, they better... I want to see what they can REALLY do with it from scratch.
geth1gh  +   1080d ago
Yea, you can't really judge them too much.

In terms of time, they only had their hands on the last release for the last 10-15% of development.

Sidenote, Borderlands 2 just days away!!! I wonder when steam will let me preinstall it...
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Carl_Shocker  +   1080d ago
I'm surprized Greg Miller is still working when he's probably started Chemo

I would like to see a Deus Ex feature added with the Third person view in Cover, might seperate it a bit from the same old FPS trend.
PirateThom  +   1080d ago
I think he said he was going to keep working, but this might have been recorded a while ago because he shaved his head.
Carl_Shocker  +   1080d ago
Actually funnily enough while taking a gander on Facebook I saw that it was Randy Pitchford who shaved his head for him.


Thought it was from the same interview...guess not, although Randy has the same shirt on.
Pintheshadows  +   1080d ago
I love Randy but he seems to have a limited shirt collection. I've seen the shirt he's wearing above about 5 times in different interviews (he was wearing it 4 days ago when IGN played BL2 with him) and another shirt with flames on it.

Now i'm not having a go at his fashion sense but you'd think someone with a lovely velvet blazer could afford to buy some more shirts to go with it. I mean he can't be poor.
Soldierone  +   1080d ago
I think as long as it doesn't get stuck in development hell again it'll be fine. If the jokes are MODERN and not making fun of stuff that happened years ago, it'd be way more funny.

They also won't be forced to exaggerate way too far (boobs on a wall) and know where the line is now. Also since there is no groundwork in place, they can take it in any direction they want and not be forced to budget themselves to crap that was already there for the sake of being there.
Megaton  +   1080d ago
I'd give it a chance. Gearbox was essentially in charge of slapping together a series of game chunks made by other devs with DNF. I'd like to see them build one from the ground up themselves.
Moncole  +   1080d ago
Make it fun like Borderlands.
svoulis  +   1080d ago
I still don't understand...How anyone couldn't like Duke Nukem Forever. Maybe it was just me but I played through it 3 times..It had everything I remembered Duke having.

Oh well, I mean if the guys can make Borderlands I am sure with a fresh start they can make a HELL of a Duke game.

Hail To The King Baby!
thezeldadoth  +   1080d ago
from ground up it might be awesome. I love how people hold them against the last one even though they didn't build a large majority of it, just merely made it work and put it out. From ground up i think that gearbox will make it great.
Cajun Chicken  +   1080d ago
Nice one. I hope this happens.
FinaLXiii  +   1080d ago
Great interview.

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