Guerrilla Games comments on controls and remote play possibility for Killzone HD

Guerrilla Games’ Victor Zuylen further comments on the control changes, Playstation Vita remote play possibility and Killzone Trilogy packaging for the upcoming Killzone HD.

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TotalHitman1775d ago

If Guerilla Games do this, I'm sold.

rajman1775d ago

"We have no plans to support remote play for any of the Killzone titles"

TotalHitman1775d ago

Yes, I posted that before I read the article.

I also stand by my original comment. If Guerilla Games do this, I'm sold.

CandyCaptain1775d ago

And to think, Killzone 3 was one of the 1st games shown being played via remote play on the vita. :/

r211775d ago

I seriously thought KZ1 HD got its own disc XD Oh man, I really would love to play KZ1 HD on my vita. PS3 is ok, i guess.

Chapulin1775d ago

Nice ,but to play on the go with the Vita would be awesome.

mafiahajeri1775d ago

Nice to see all these collections being released further confirms a lot of people's prediction that Sony is gearing up for Next gen. TLOU seems like sonys last big hit.

Knushwood Butt1775d ago

Shame that the remake won't have Move support.