No More Heroes - Thunderbolt Review

By Bart Robson

"No More Heroes joins the ranks of other video games that were too smart and/or bizarre for their own good. Gamers who enjoyed the head trips that were Metal Gear Solid, Katamari Damacy, and Persona will feel right at home with No More Heroes. Much like Killer7 before it, the game takes a single-minded story and balloons it into a twisted web of violence, humor, and style. It's a game that's all about the complete experience, rather than the way it's played. Hundreds of simple action games hit the market every year, but No More Heroes takes so much pride in its design that it's hard not to love. For one thing, releasing a game full of blood and swearing that's intended to be humorous is a brave move these days, especially in America. It's a miracle that it escaped censorship, considering gamers in Europe and Japan received a version minus the blood and gore. What's the point of that? Sorry, guys. In the end, though, No More Heroes scores two victories: it's another great example of games-as-art, and is another must-play game for Nintendo Wii owners. We're #1!"


• Iconic visual design
• Violence, humor
• Simple controls, likeable gameplay


• Not too deep, gameplay wise
• Bizarre style may turn some people off
• Euro version lacking visual punch of US release

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