PAX Prime Preview: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale |

"With but one gameplay change, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale becomes a strategic experience, something smarter–and possibly better–than Smash Bros. has ever been...If you like Smash Bros., love PlayStation, and yet are looking for a little more recognition for your valiant efforts, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will rock your world when it’s released on November 20th." - Luke Frazier

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Omar912015d ago

cant wait until next week when they unveil a few more characters at Tokyo Gameshow!

TheMrFraz2014d ago

YEAH! Who are you holding out for?

Omar912014d ago

Im honestly anticipating snake to be shown as well as sora. Those are the only two characters thats left on my wish list (besides crash and cloud but i have some doubt on there appearance at tokyo game show especially crash) how about you?

TheMrFraz2014d ago

I would welcome Sora and Sephiroth with open arms, but I have my doubts as I'm guessing Sony is looking to limit the number of sword-wielding characters.