Will you buy a Wii U?

The Wii U seems like an interesting console and the price is certainly right.

But will anyone actually but one with Microsoft and Sony's new consoles looming over gamer's heads?

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pat_11_52012d ago

I'll get one. But only because I know the new Zelda is going to be beyond epic.

vishant1012012d ago

Ill buy one with zelda hopefully there will be a limited edition one. until then not a chance

ThePsychoGamer2012d ago

Yes eventually. Though it depends on Nintendo's decisions will the system to determine how I buy it.

If they make the right decision and finally give us gamers what we want, and go region free, I'll happily pay full price for a new system as soon as I have the money.

But if Nintendo continues their misguided and stupid trend of region locking their systems, I will wait until the price is low, there are hacks for the system that give it this capability, and to insure Nintendo gets none of my hard earned money, I will buy it used.

Break the locks.

NYC_Gamer2012d ago

I'll buy one down the line if Nintendo puts out more software that catches my attention

pat_11_52012d ago

I agree. But I've been a Nintendo fan for years. It's just too hard to abandon them now.

I guess brand loyalty really works.

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The story is too old to be commented.