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Will you buy a Wii U?

The Wii U seems like an interesting console and the price is certainly right.

But will anyone actually but one with Microsoft and Sony's new consoles looming over gamer's heads? (Bayonetta 2, NintendoLand, Wii U, ZombiU)

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pat_11_5  +   734d ago
I'll get one. But only because I know the new Zelda is going to be beyond epic.
vishant101  +   734d ago
Ill buy one with zelda hopefully there will be a limited edition one. until then not a chance
ThePsychoGamer  +   734d ago
Yes eventually. Though it depends on Nintendo's decisions will the system to determine how I buy it.

If they make the right decision and finally give us gamers what we want, and go region free, I'll happily pay full price for a new system as soon as I have the money.

But if Nintendo continues their misguided and stupid trend of region locking their systems, I will wait until the price is low, there are hacks for the system that give it this capability, and to insure Nintendo gets none of my hard earned money, I will buy it used.

Break the locks.
NYC_Gamer  +   734d ago
I'll buy one down the line if Nintendo puts out more software that catches my attention
pat_11_5  +   734d ago
I agree. But I've been a Nintendo fan for years. It's just too hard to abandon them now.

I guess brand loyalty really works.
dolfan1678  +   734d ago
Just got back from GameStop. Reserved mine with Mario, Lego City, Darksiders 2, Zombie u and AC III. Can't wait!
ylwzx3  +   734d ago
Reserved doesn't guarantee you anything =D
MattyG  +   734d ago
Whan Zelda is announced, sure.
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ForRealz17  +   734d ago
Maybe the 32gb after a price drop.
bigfish  +   734d ago
Just wait for the PS4
beerkeg  +   734d ago
I'm looking forward to it. The launch line up looks good as far as I'm concerned, and Nintendo always has games on their systems that are totally different to the competition.

So yeah, I will.
DERKADER  +   734d ago
I learned my lesson after buying the Wii at launch. I won't buy any console built around a gimmick.
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wiiu_peeu  +   734d ago
another current gen system Meh ill pass until a real nxt gen system comes along. I have a ps3 this would be a downgrade for me.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   734d ago
Yes, was already sold with Winter..........
bub16  +   734d ago
i do want to. but something seems to be holding me back. i think ill wait? or will i? WHO KNOWS
Yangus  +   734d ago
Yes,Bayonetta 2 system seller for me.
Summons75  +   734d ago
It's got games, it's got a great price, it (to me) seems better than the Wii. I'm sold! hopefully best buy has some deals when they finally put it up for reserve.
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Ashunderfire86  +   734d ago
I would buy one next year when better games that show the Wii U power will come out. I hope they get voice actors for the new Zelda cause it deserves better.
Hufandpuf  +   734d ago
KMCROC54  +   734d ago
No.I'll Just save my cash for the other 2 up coming consoles
konnerbllb  +   734d ago
I'll buy a nintendo console when it's spec'd appropriately.

What they are doing now is selling a horse to an audience that has already driven automobiles. Call it next gen all you want but it's really not. It's a horse.
Clarence  +   734d ago
When zelda comes out I'll get one. Until then it's a no
jokia005  +   734d ago
maybe when Zelda comes out.
but Nintendo should sell wiiU pro controller bundle.
i dont need a tablet controller....so far
Ck1x  +   734d ago
Going to pre-order tomorrow for sure!
Gamer-Z  +   734d ago
I'm getting it because i grew up playing nintendo games and im a big zelda/metroid fan.

Also if anybody would bubble me up i would definitely appreciate it, thanks.
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ChunkyLover53  +   734d ago
Already pre-ordered! Next gen here I come! Bout damn time too.....
Rockoman16  +   734d ago
Heck yeah!, i will go to my local gamestop this weekend just to preorder it, plus a few games :>
mochachino  +   734d ago
At $200 maybe, but for now I'd rather spend that money on a gaming PC.
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