NintendoLand Attractions Revealed in New Trailer writes: "NintendoLand looks to be this generation of Wii Sports. As it will be packed in with the Wii-U Deluxe/Premium version of the console. The game allows gamers to visit various Nintendo Themed attractions with their Mii. Some of which featuring Metroid, Mario, and Zelda mini games. Even if you are a hardcore Nintendo fan the compilation of titles featured is intriguing especially with the fact that multiplayer will support up to 5 people!"

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I love this IDEA!!! CASUAL/HARDCORE MIX UP is smart!!! Yet still creating games for the hardcore franchise titles!

TheSuperior 1917d ago

Cool idea but I would rather see something straight for hardcore gamers. I can probably okay this with my mother lol she's not too good at games but she tries so this is a good fit for her


I am Sure there has to be something in the 50 other Launch titles that flatter your controller!

TheGrimBunny1917d ago

The Wii-U is going to better than I thought.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1917d ago

As of today, Nintendo had convinced me to preorder the Wii U.

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