The PS2 Is Still Buttering EA's Bread

Buried amongst the rubble of EA's Q3 fiscal results are some details on not only how each platform is doing for EA, but what EA is doing for each platform. Did you know, for instance, that for all the sheen and luster of current-gen consoles, the PS2 was EA's biggest bread-winner for the quarter? Or that they released more mobile games than DS and PSP titles combined? Do now!

Total revenue by platform:

PlayStation 2: $301 million
Xbox 360: $196 million
PC: $148 million
Nintendo Wii: $139 million
Nintendo DS: $122 million
PlayStation 3: $102 million
PlayStation Portable: $74 million
Mobile: $38 million
Xbox: $3 million
Game Boy Advance: $2 million

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Bazookajoe_833728d ago

It´s a sh1tloads of ps2 out there and most people hasnt changed to this gen so it´s not really strange...

mighty_douche3728d ago

Amazing, the revenue from both next-gen consoles cant match the PS2. i Guess theres still a LOT of people waiting to buy.

Honestly i see most of them going to the PS3, if they fancied the 360 they probably would of bought it last year when all its big hitters dropped.

Capt CHAOS3727d ago

What's that all about then?

carl ps33727d ago

SONY's PS2 is making loads of money for EA and EA are making
half-ars*d cr*p PS3 games for PS3!!! :-/ THANKS EA!!! :-/
Does EA stand for Extremely Atrocious games???
They messed up TimeSplitters Future Perfect+BurnOut Paradise
(Yeah i didn't like it!so what!)

The Killer3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

and who will kill it u think? the ps3 when it becomes around $300!

for the 360 i only see dark path that no one can even see if its a path or not! and one more thing, the digital distribution will never ever be the standard in the world unless u convince all the undeveloped countries to to have high bandwidth internet and HD-TV's which for most of those countries will take 10-20 years at least! dont forget that only very few countries have high bandwidth right now and its not increasing so fast that it can catch up in less than 10 years, beside everybody wants to hold his movie in his/her hand and take it to a friend and watch and this will never change even in the next 50 years thats what i see by using some logic and putting the fanboy aside.

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