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The King Of Sporting Games Returns To Take Its Rightful Place At Its Throne!

The FIFA 13 demo took me by surprise with how different it looked and felt from its previous predecessor FIFA 12. I'm one of those gamers who swear that they're not going to get the next instalment in the long running FIFA franchise because it's barely changed and doesn't feel worth the full price.

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okmrman2012d ago

poorly written
omg i cant continue

Wh15ky2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )


"Its Rightful Place AT Its Throne!" So not ON it then? Maybe just standing beside it?

"previous predecessor" - LOL!

xXcSMiTH7Xx2012d ago

wow mate, you found two errors! I guess you don't see errors on big sites such as IGN or Gamespot?!

Wh15ky2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Two errors in the first two sentences, that's where I stopped reading so I couldn't tell you how many others there are.

I can handle the odd typo but the type of mistakes here make for an unbearable read IMO. I mean "previous predecessor", seriously? I suppose PES is just a 'dead corpse' now that FIFA takes "Its Rightful Place At Its Throne!"

xXcSMiTH7Xx2012d ago

Ye there are two mistakes in the first two lines but the rest actually quite a good article. And I think a lot of people know that PES will never be as good as FIFA.

Wh15ky2012d ago

I take it you're the author.

xXcSMiTH7Xx2011d ago

No I just think your being a bit harsh on this person.

blainio092010d ago

"previous predecessor"??