Wii U Box Arts Posted For Many Games, Including Mass Effect 3: Special Edition, Lego City

With all of the Wii U launch information revealed today, a lot of box arts have been posted for some of the upcoming Wii U games.

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TrendyGamers1690d ago

Lego City Undercover looks like a really fun game, can't wait to play it.

BringingTheThunder1690d ago

i wonder if we'll see a mass effect 3 special edition on other systems?

tehpees31690d ago

I think its just for Wii U with DLC bundled. They could do some kind of GOTY edition for the others at some point later.

DarkBlood1690d ago

i like the look of the alien box art

Relientk771690d ago

Yea, the Aliens box art looks [email protected]

Relientk771690d ago

Nice collection of box arts