Insomniac and EA, what the hell did you do to Overstrike?

"Back in E3 2011, something wonderful happened. Gamers the world over were shown a trailer for Insomniac’s upcoming game, Overstrike. It showcased eccentric personalities, colorful action, an enthusiastic spirit, and a plot that allowed the mercenaries to become relatable and fleshed-out characters. Sure, the game’s title was a bit underwhelming, but nothing that could sink this intriguing project. For a while, it seemed that gamers were in for a treat. Then, some changes came. The title was changed to Fuse, The aesthetic was completely re-hauled, and the entire premise was re-envisioned. Thanks to Insomniac and/or EA, the whole game was utterly crapped on." (Michael Urban,

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NYC_Gamer2077d ago

The game looked generic to me even back then.

Carl_Shocker2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I wouldn't say so, not as much as other games on the market today, least then it had style with it's awesome "The Incredibles" look to it and the humor present in the trailer matched the look of the overall game.

Some of the comments though thats came out of Insomniac's mouth about why thye changed it dosen't seem like something they would say...they would never give up on something, especialy a great looking style then managed to create for something more generic.

It bugs me because I know for a fact EA are involved someone and have Insomniac by the man toots yet the reason they didn't want to become a first party studio with Sony was that they loved the freedom they had even though they still would of had that freedom even if they were bought by them...but then something like this happens when you know that they don't seem to have the freedom they used to have.

Look at Bioware, they talked about freedom alot and then look what happened to them after they were bought by EA. They still try and shrug off that they do have freedom and EA arn't involved but after what happened to the ME franchise and DA2 you know for a fact they are covering something up.

I'm honestly dispointed with Insomniac, they are going to become one of those developers next gen which have hit rockbottom. Capcom/Square Enix for example at the end showed some worrying signs and then look what happened when they entered this gen. Same could happen to Insomniac...and it's sad because they had a good thing going with Sony, and no this isn't a "I'm mad at Insomniac for going multie platform" speech because I honestly was so hyped for Overstrike when it was announced that I didn't care what platform it was on.

Expect a ton of PR talk from now till March, it's release date with EA acting like a Sith lord whispering in their ears what to say to the public.

"Oh this game is still unique"
"This game still has humor like the R&C games"
"Our team worked hard and put all our love into the game"
"Each level has it's own color palette"

and so on...

I mean this game is going to get killed in March...God of War, Gears of War, Army of Two

Captain Qwark 92077d ago

my love for the ratchet franchise is why i want to disagree with you.....but i know better and i dont doubt a single word you said as true

Yi-Long2077d ago

... but this game caught my eye when they released the original trailer. It had a unique style and was 'lighter' and more colorful than most games in the genre.

It looked very good, and fun.

Very sad to now read about how they went back and changed it all into something more serious and generic.

Such a shame.

Thatguy-3102077d ago

Insomniac seems like it will end up like Ninja Theory. They should have just stayed with Sony.

Pintheshadows2077d ago

I know i've said this already, but, do you remember when Borderlands went from brown, bland and generic to cartoony, colourful and unique.

Well, this is the opposite of that.

I've never known Insomniac to give up and go down the easy road but in this case I think they've been told to. The supposed Fuse gameplay element screams of an EA gimmick/bulletpoint to me. Perhaps more disturbingly it reminds me of Fracture. Which was awful.

I haven't even mentioned the fact that releasing in March is suicide. God and Gears and possibly GTA5.

I'm thinking Fuse will be like Syndicate. Solidly built but uninspired. And considering this is Insomniac, that's deeply depressing.

pixelsword2077d ago

I can tell you in in a couple of sentences

Overstrike probably was a Single Player only game with no multiplayer (like a lot of the R&C games) but EA said "make it like Call of Duty NOW BOY NOW" and Insomniac jumped through that hoop. and you can't always have really good looking, stylish characters with personality transfer entirely online, so the best bet is to cheapen-up the single-player end so the online end can balance out and the overall characters don't lose integrity.

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sonic9892077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

didnt EA say that releasing a new IP this late in the generation is a mistake lool
in terms of fresh ideas they must have said lets make it safe the gen is already over

-Mika-2077d ago

This Is why they should of stuck with Sony. Sony would have given them free control the project.

Shaman2077d ago

Truth be told, EA partners does too. They are only publishing it.

Reverent2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Lol^ EA isn't JUST publishing the game... Insomniac and EA joined forces for the game. EA DOES in fact make A LOT of the choices. Insomniac doesn't have anywhere near the freedom they used to have. Don't be so blind.

LightningSamus2077d ago

Like when EA was promised to publish the Gridiron games for Bethesda after they used Bethesdas game engine for Madden, Bethesda got screwed over and sued EA.

Don't tell me EA is innocent.

ginganinja2077d ago

Yeah! EA will have there fingers all over it. And they'll mess them up like they did with other from the EA partners scheme, like;
Crysis, Brutal Legend, Shadows of the damned, Bulletstorm, Left 4 dead, Orange box, Portal 2... eh...

HammadTheBeast2077d ago


Half of those are from Valve, the rest aren't EA. Maybe one, I don't know.

ginganinja2077d ago

And Fuse is from Insomniac. That's the point.
They are all part of the same EA partners scheme though. How come they made it through to be quality games and yet this one is doomed before it starts ?

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PockyKing2077d ago

I still have faith that Insomniac will do something interesting with this game. They are creative with everything they do so I'll hold my tongue for now. But honestly, if EA wants to live up to those statements they made this week about not getting enough credit for their focus on innovation and creativity...well here's your chance to prove it.

Pintheshadows2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I'm trying to count the innovative and creative IP's that EA has made this gen.

I got to 0.

I wish Insomniac had kept the saturday morning cartoon feel of the Overstrike trailer in place.

I like some of their games but they're the last developer who should be claiming that they nurture creativity and innovation.

PockyKing2077d ago

EA may not be innovative, but I do like most of their games so I don't have an issue with them.

Dlacy13g2077d ago

EA creativity? Well certainly not known for being creative but, Mirrors Edge does leaps to my mind.

sandman2242077d ago

Insomniac sucks. I hope they go bankrupt

Captain Qwark 92077d ago

well this is just an ignorant comment period. even if you dont like their games anymore those are real jobs and real people/families who would be effected. your kind of a douche dude

pixelsword2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

Somehow, I expected a comment like that from you.


rezzah2077d ago

- bub for being immature. I'd put "ignorance" or "limited ability to think" if they were an option.

sandman2242077d ago

Caption qwark and rezzah cry me a river. if you didn't like what I had to say then address me in my inbox. So I can tell you how I really feel. Mitt Romney would approve of my comments and that's what matters.

Reverent2077d ago

Sandman... Just go away and stop being such a childish troll...

2077d ago
Axecution2077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )


YOU MUST INBOX HIM CAUSE... uh... he can tell you how he REALLY feels. He cant do that in comments, stupid. *rolls eyes*

lmao that comment made so little sense.
Im just gonna agree with it so that i feel like im smart and can decoding things.

MysticStrummer2077d ago

lol Your comment about Mitt Romney says it all. I watched his RNC speech last night. It was like a parody of a political speech. A bunch of nothing punctuated by a stupid smile and cheers from the faithful. Apparently he decided to circumvent those pesky fact checkers by not saying anything at all. He said nothing, and Ryan lied a lot. Great ticket you have there, sir. By the way Obama and Biden both lied too, but Bill Clinton's speech showing the economic comparison between the two parties was dead on. If Romney is the best you conservatives can come up with, Obama has already won unless something major happens.

OT - Man, we sure do pass judgement on games early these days. My time with Insomniac games tells me their next game is always worth keeping an eye on, so that's what I'll do.

Loki862077d ago

Go to and search for why Ryan was right on every fact he gave and why the DRC was trashing on him because they knew they were wrong. It is pathetic that the majority by in to what the government and media wants them to believe. How about doing your own research and forming an opinion based on that, instead what the media tells you to believe.

HammadTheBeast2077d ago

To be honest, they all suck.

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kostchtchie_2077d ago

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