Poker Smash: Eurogamer Review

Poker Smash is a puzzle game where playing cards ascend a rectangular playing area like the one in Tetris. As they do, you can move any card horizontally without restriction with the right analogue stick, while the left is for simple selection. If there's a space for a card to fall into, it will - unless you sweep it across the gap at pace. The game's distinctive characteristic, as the title suggests, is that you clear cards by creating poker hands.

Except it's a bit simpler than that. Cards in play are tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces of all four suits, and the hands that work are three, four and five of a kind, flush, full house, straight and a royal flush. Create one of these hands horizontally or vertically and the cards involved disappear, leaving the ones above them to observe the puzzle game tradition of sliding into the exposed gap or gaps. If the cards reach the top of the play area in the two pressure modes, it's game over.

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