Wii-U brings your TVii to life! writes: "Famed Reggie Fils-Aime just announced the inclusion of TVii on Wii-U. The new collaboration of your TV/Wii-U brings all your DVR, Netflix and live TV together in one place accessible via the Wii-U."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1918d ago

I really like this! Oh and it's free unlike "some" services.

eagle211918d ago

This was well planned out. A great feature for Wii U.

Awesome_Gamer1918d ago

Sony & Nintendo > Microsoft.

Dms20121918d ago

Pile of poo > your opinion

Ryo-Hazuki1918d ago

Just put my pre-order on the Wii U.

PS4 + Wii U next-gen for me

ConstipatedGorilla1918d ago

Ryo, I just did as well. I preordered one for myself and one for my brother's kids. For me, next gen will be Wii U and 720 though. I'm too invested in 360 to jump ship.

jonboi241918d ago

Though you still need to pay for hulu plus, Netflix, a TiVo dvr (though hope it's compatible with other dvrs) and your tv cable provider. Though a nice feature that really tries hard to make Wii-U the center of your entertainment system. Though can you watch hd tv or 3d tv on that thing? And how does it actually work?

chanmasta1918d ago

So what? You expect Nintendo to pay for your Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions too? And yes, the Wii U has been confirmed to be able to output 3D from Iwata himself, however that won't be until the future.

ronin4life1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I don't think he meant it like that chanmasta. Of course you have to pay for those things, and many here may not currently have such subscriptions(like me)

I hope it will work with DirecTv...


^Marcus_Fenix you are exactly right!!! No more HBO codes or ESPN3 gibberish!!!

AWBrawler1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

heck yeah tho i wish they'd add Crunchyroll

how can we disagree with the fact that i wish they added crunchyroll?

cleft51918d ago

Hopefully it will get added later on.

Ck1x1918d ago

This was very smart and a big jab at Apple! Just watching how intergrated the device is with sports is going to make this sell alone. I was really blown away by how in depth this part of the system is fleshed out...

donman11918d ago

I fully agree with you... Nintendo have definitely stepped out the box on this one.

GribbleGrunger1918d ago

Darn it, that's smart! I've often said that I'm not sure how the sales of the Wiiu would go, but the more I'm seeing the more I'm leaning towards 'very good'. Looks like I might be getting fat on past comments lol

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The story is too old to be commented.