Most Anticipated Video Games of 2008: Fallout 3, GTA4 & More

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2008 from Reax Magazine.
Words: Christian Crider

2008 looks like a promising year for gamers everywhere. Whether you're a console fanatic, PC enthusiast, or Wii ninja, there will be a plethora of great games sliding into your disk drives over the next twelve months. It's definitely difficult to narrow the entire field of emerging games down to such a dwarfish list, so rather than polling door to door, I simply asked my inner escapist what I'd most enjoy distracting myself with as I endure the oncoming year of elections, Olympics and general chaos that seems to follow humanity around like a rabid puppy.

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MK_Red3763d ago

There is a slaughter coming. Fallout 3 will show no mercy to games of 2008 unless it gets delayed to 2009.

Cryxen3762d ago

I've got a feeling Fallout 3 will be an oblivion remake in the desert.

I'm not a big fan of bethesda (however its spelled).

Prove me wrong bethy, prove me wrong.

bohemian 233763d ago

That can't happen. Gta and Fallout 3 are the 2 main games i'm looking forward to this year. I really hope that Fallout comes out this year.

MK_Red3763d ago

A delay would indeed be sad but we all know how Bethesda usually delays their games to make sure they're finished and not rushed (Even though Oblivion did seem a bit rushed, hopefully Fallout comes out when it's fully done and is as great as its supposed to be.

lswanson13763d ago

Where is KillZone2? Where is Resistance 2? Where is alot of other games? This list seems way too short and way too incomplete. I know that there are more anticipated games coming out this year then some of those. Where is MGS4? Where is DMC4? Where is God of War III? Terrible list!

The Closing3763d ago

there won't be a GoW 3 this year.

MK_Red3763d ago

MGS4 should have been there instead of Age of ... but the thing is that the list is trying to be for everyone so the PC gamers have Age of (for MMO fans) and FarCry 2 (A classic FPS) while Wii owners and casuals get SSBB.
GTA4 is the most anticipated game of the decade for most and it is multiplatform.

Finally, Fallout 3 is THE game that will be remembered as 2008's GOTY.

The Closing3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

MGS4 for GOTY.

Plus Bioshock just won last year so it would be much harder for Fallout 3 being there are some huge similarities regardless of whether Fallout has been around.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3763d ago

Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 are only wanted by PS3 owners, like Gears 2and Ninja Gaiden 2 are for Xbox owners. Multiplatform games are allways more anticipated because they are "multiplatform" and reach more gamers. Conan is a MMORPG and will reach into the WOW fanbase, which is HUGE.

bohemian 233763d ago

They didn't say most anticipated ps3 titles of 08.

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AlterEgo3763d ago

exactly who comprised this list?

it can't possibly be someone's opinion.

it's wrong.

power of Green 3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Its amazing how this Fallout game is hyped, doesn't look that good to me personally.

StarWars and BoarderLands rank higher on my list, hmmm?.

MK_Red3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Well, you know why Street Fighter 4 is so hyped right? because it's a sequel to THE classic fighting game that started it all and many still consider it the best RPG of all time.
Fallout is considered the best PC / western RPG of all time and is like Street Fighter of fighting games or StarCraft of RTS titles. You know why SF4 and StarCraft 2 are so much anticipated so you can understand about Fallout 3 now.

Also, the fact that Bethesda is making it doesn't hurt whose Oblivion won more than few GOTY awards even though it wasn't their best work.

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