Age of Conan Community Over 500k Strong

From the article:
"The Age of Conan community has grown to over 500,000 members. A member is someone registered in the game's beta test or the official Age of Conan fan club (which include the forums, etc). Age of Conan is still on track for a May 20th launch date."

Press Release at Source.

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Ares843666d ago

...pfff sounds like these dudes are tough soldiers or something. What a stupid way to say that. Most of these guys are geeks and sitting in their parents' basement playing this crap.

M0rt3n3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I think this game will be the best of 2008. it looks great and is different from all the other MMORPG's out there. Im so looking foreward to it, can't wait :D