GamePro Review: DMC4: Good Enough To Make You Weep

Casey Lynch of GamePro writes, the Devil May Cry series has seen its fair share of ups and downs. When the first game debuted, it was a revelation, delivering slick, fast-paced action, tight controls and a bankable new hero in the silver-haired Dante.

I played both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of DMC4 and found almost no difference between the two in gameplay. However, expect to wait at least 20 minutes while you load the game on PS3 the first time, which really sucks. Also, subjectively speaking, I didn't notice any major differences between the quality of the Xbox 360 and PS3's graphics but I'm sure both sides of the argument will find reasons to crow about their own platform's superiority.

-The graphics are fantastic. Seriously, the game looks great.
-The fighting mechanics are fluid and easy to grasp. Tight controls add to the awesomeness.
-While it's nice to see familiar faces, the new characters are great in their own right, especially newcomers Nero and Gloria.

-While the game shines visually, it comes up short in the audio department.
-The camera and the save system are also problematic, leading to some unnecessary frustration.

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OpiZA3671d ago

Hey! Awesome score, really excited about this game.

Cyrus3653670d ago

Hmmm for the most part DMC 4 has gotten good reviews, might have to be another game I get.