Kuma’s Update: Assassin’s Creed III Preview, Are You Ready?

Kuma Wrote: I ask you the reader which would you prefer? Do you want to have Freedom or do you want Power? I am Kuma and I did a note a while ago on this same thought. I believe people confuse the two, because we all have freedom to do as we please. The problem is others have power that negates our freedom. In the end what people really want is power, so they can freely do as they please. In that I am looking forward to what Assassin’s Creed III will bring showcasing the Revolutionary War, where people of power tried to dominate those they felt too weak to fight back. They didn’t anticipate Connor Kenway to enforce his own power that dominates any opposition. This is Connor’s land and an outside force steps into his territory and tries to lay down a law to take over? I don’t think so. This is the Assassin’s Creed I was waiting for, even though the others were pretty good.

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mathsman2047d ago

Looking forward to this.

Jourdy2882047d ago

I think it's pretty interesting to see the AC series in a different setting.

Relientk772047d ago

I am so ready for Assassin's Creed III

-Mezzo-2047d ago

I am so ready, have played and beaten all the AC Games. Have this on Pre-Order and cannot wait to dive right into it.

SavageKuma2047d ago

As I stated this is the one I was looking forward too. If you all are interested you should check out the novel.