New Game for PS Vita: Open Me!

Well what you guys think about this game? What is this?

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sinncross2076d ago

What... the...

SCEJ... bringing some of the most unique games to the PS library. Can't wait to see what this actually is.

Cajun Chicken2076d ago

What's in the box?...curiosity...

psp2roundup2076d ago

I'm getting a sniff of Echochrome for some reason, perhaps something like that as its a download-only title.

B_Rian892076d ago

they could've just shaken the boxes to see if something was inside

Carni2076d ago

it could have a message :P

Godmars2902076d ago

So, if you found yourself in a room full of boxes with "open me" on them and a stranger, wouldn't the first thing you'd do is look for a way out?

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The story is too old to be commented.