Silver PS3 For US? SCEA Have "No Plans"

It's how it always goes down. Japan gets something nobody else gets - in this case a silver PS3 - everyone else wants to know when they get it. So they ask their local guys, and the local guys say they have no idea. Latest example: Sony Computer Entertainment America, who "have no plans for a silver PS3 in North America at this time". Not now. Probably later. Shouldn't come as too big a surprise, that, but at least it'll keep you from chirping "when will we get it?" for another 2-3 months.

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tom15953399d ago

its not that bad fella's. in new zealand we get stuff way after america.

AlterEgo3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

"No Plans" basically means "coming soon" :)

rawd3398d ago

Exactly. Sony loves to build the hype

ben8063398d ago

i would love to have the silver model here in the u.k
i havnt seen very many high grade pictures of the silver unit, but if its the brushed silver sony use for some of their products it would be great.

whengeeksgobad3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

I hope we get it so I can collect all the colors and trade them with my friends! I kid I kid.

.....accessorizing is for girls.

jinn3398d ago

they shouldnt even bother

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