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Did Nintendo And The Wii U Get It All Wrong?

"I have an 8GB Memory Card my PS Vita and I’m nearly out of space after downloading 3 game demos, 6 apps, 2 full PS Vita games, and 3 PSP games, and that’s it. And I don’t even really want to go into details about PS3 games are they are much bigger in file size, one game alone could take more then 8GB." So looking at the Wii U Specs, I keep asking myself that If current gen DL games are requiring so much hard drive space now, is it not going to be even more in demand for Next gen games? And if the answer to that question is yes, then have Nintendo and the Wii U got it all wrong?

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DA_SHREDDER  +   963d ago
Yeah, if there is only 8 gig models then the WiiU shouldn't be more than 200 bucks. I would rather buy another 160 gig ps3 for $250 than get ripped off this bad.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   963d ago
Well I wouldn't exactly call it a rip off. But my concern is that, 32gb is already small, so what the is 8gb supposed to do when it comes downloading console sized games?
-Mika-  +   963d ago
You guys have to remember is that we can use SD cards and I think external hard drives for the WiiU. The question is can we run apps and games off the external HD/ SD cards or do we have to use the Internal hard drive to run those things.
darthv72  +   963d ago
Im getting both
the 8gb will be for the play room and the 32gb will be for the main room.

I can outfit each with another 32gb SDHC card and be good to go. Hell, My 120gb 360 and PS3 still have more than half their space available and I dl allot of demos and arcade/psn games.

Demos I get rid of if/when i buy the real game and i dont put music or videos on my systems. I keep things like that on a portable drive so i can go back and forth from PC to console.
DarkBlood  +   963d ago

i assume the main room is for you then? :P
CalvinKlein  +   963d ago
Oh so you would rather pay around the same amount for terribly outdated hardware that requires installs just to get the games to run because it says sony on it? What a surprise!
omarzy  +   963d ago
the 8gb is probably Nintendo doing what Microsoft did with a 4gb xbox and Kinnect. Party games cannot take up that much memory.
tehpees3  +   963d ago
Thats what I think. The basic set is for the more casual player and the premium set is for the dedicated gamer.
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Summons75  +   963d ago
yeah! how dare they have a fair price point, great line of games and held up on their promise from E3 where they would have more games for core gamers and still focus on family gaming.....the never of Nintendo /s....
sandman224  +   963d ago
Since when has Nintendo failed? They are smart when it comes to gaming. I'm sure there wont be a problem.
jonboi24  +   963d ago
Virtual boy was a huge failure. One of the biggest failures gaming history.
THESHAUNZY  +   963d ago
I like know 50+ games is doing it wrong... I don't even think Vita has 50 retail box games yet
R1CAN617  +   963d ago
If the 8 or 32 GB of SSD isn't enough then use a external HDD which the wii U fully supports.
evilbart  +   963d ago
A ps vita plus a 32gb sony memory card would cost $350 and thats without a game so the nintendo wii U with 32gb a gamepad and nintendoland for $350 is great
Protagonist  +   963d ago
Shame you have so many bubbles by making up things.

PlayStation Vita + Assassins-Creed-Liberation + Frobisher Says + 4GB + 32GB = $325

PlayStation Vita + Assassins-Creed-Liberation + Frobisher Says + 4GB = $250
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Lucretia  +   963d ago
im pretty dissapointed in this thing.

it only has 512MB more ram than the vita, Mobile phones have 2 gigs already.

the HDD is horrible, and its expensive considering its a ps3 thats 7 years late.

yeah its better than a ps3, but the difference is only what the original xbox was to the ps2.
fossilfern  +   963d ago
well the memory is split between the operating system and what the games can use. So instead of just 1gb of RAM for both the games and the OS, the OS has its dedicated memory. This should mean it will be a great multi-tasker
Lucretia  +   963d ago
but the ps3 only uses about 24 MB's of ram for the OS.....so there isnt much being shared.

let alone the Vita uses less ram than the ps3 for the OS.

sooooooo again its not that much.

the wii-u NEEDS that 1 gb of dedicated ram for OS

its going to be running 5 screens at once. obviously you need tons of ram for that...
DivineAssault  +   963d ago
thats iffy to me.. Nx gen games may be 16-40GB in size & network games will require space as well.. $350 + a real game + HDD + pro controller will be a bit much.. Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive is a good start tho.. Keep em coming but if theres no cloud game service for it & the competition starts doing some crazy new things with it, this system will collect dust again... @ least til smash bros, zelda, metroid, n all come out again
wuzzup  +   963d ago
Ill wait this one out till the price comes down. There doing the same thing they did with the 3ds asking to much and nobody bought it, they come down it doesn;t matter to them they do have alot of money just to see if the sheeple
will buy it..
mshope10  +   963d ago
hey if its not enough memory buy a 3rd party harddrive.Walmart sells 500 gigs for 40 dollars and that not even a sale price.

that's why they did that cause it would be cheaper to buy your own memory.I can't do shit with my Xbox 360 harddrive but use it on my Xbox.

but if I get a 3rd party harddrive for wii u one day I could use it for other stuff besides wii u stuff.

yinz are crying about something that has a simple solution.Nintendo told us about this awhile ago.and 360 had a 20 gig to start with so 32 is better.

so stopping crying like crybabies about something everyone knew about and has a cheap and better solution for.
vitullo31  +   963d ago
My iPhone has 64 gb of data and it's half full with just music imagine it had nintendo games 32 gb should be the casual system and 8 gb just seems useless to me anyway.. I could be wrong though it depends on the user

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