Saints Row Bling Online

Just a note to let you all know that the Saints Row downloadble content that was leaked a few weeks back has now hit the marketplace.

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Evil4461d ago

Until they fix this game they won't get any more of my money.

Balance4461d ago

fix the game? the game rocks, i have a ton of fun playing saints row every night. the only thing i could see them "fixing" is making the multiplayer match making faster.

Evil4461d ago

That bubble looks lonely.

Madmax12819804461d ago

B cuz Ur A Stoopid Sony Fan And Its Not Coming Out For The Ps3! Lol

The BS Police4461d ago

If you kepp on spamming your gonna be banned, simple.

sweeper4461d ago

You want more money--first fix the game this feels like a scam,they want money for something thats broken lol lol lol