A Brand New Lightning Returns: FINAL FANTASY XIII Alpha Gameplay Screenshot!

Square Enix has uploaded a new dev documentary to Youtube showing their people working at SQEX Japan studio. Unluckily, they forgot to hide one screen which was showing alpha gameplay from Lightning Returns!

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iamtehpwn1835d ago

Looks really early in Development. Although, what's interesting is, Lightning is wearing her Diety Armor from XIII-2

Parappa1835d ago

Now just put that screenshot into the mediocrity pile with all of the other FF13 related stuff.

Kratoscar20081835d ago

Yeah SE is really killing the FF franchise

goldwyncq1835d ago

What part of "not final" don't you understand?

boybato1835d ago

final fantasy chess. pass.

-Gespenst-1835d ago

Love that song. I wonder who'll be composing?

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