Gaming Revelations: Who Really Killed Jason?!

8bitfix writes: It was a normal sunny that quickly turned to tragedy. We are all familiar with the tragic story of Jason Mars from Heavy Rain. A combination of stupidity and inattentiveness seemed to take the poor kid out, but what if it wan't so simple? What if, like so many cases, there was far more at stake? What if this seemingly random tragedy belied a conspiracy that could shake the very foundations of the video game industry as we know it?

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Griffin48712110d ago

Damn you! I wanted to leave the game at that, but you just brought up a theory that's now killing me!

Alos882110d ago

Ethans complete refusal to move faster than a casual walk during a crisis was what killed Jason.

KwietStorm2110d ago

I can't believe I gave that site a hit. I can't believe enough people actually approved that nonsense.

r212110d ago

this makes sense now.... Curse you perpetrator, curse you! JASSSSSOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN

MySwordIsHeavenly2110d ago

Actually, I have NO IDEA what killed Jason. Ethan jumped between the car and Jason...which never hit either of them.

I don't think Jason died, to be honest with you.

KwietStorm2110d ago

You don't think Jason died? lol

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