Mass Effect 3: The Problem With its Multiplayer Microtransaction

By now, people are well aware of the many failings of the third Mass Effect game: It had Day 1, On-Disc DLC that seemed far too integrated with the game to be anything but an obvious cash grab, most of the game failed to acknowledge the player's choices from previous games and made them feel irrelevent, and the ending was a failure in more ways than one. However, there is one area of Mass Effect 3 that people tend to ignore, the cooperative multiplayer. I am not here to talk ill of the multiplayer mode in its entirety. In fact, I enjoyed my brief time with the mode. They used the core mechanics of the game in a very clever way to produce an enjoyable and coheasive experience. However, I have one big gripe with the cooperative mode. That would be its use of microtransactions and how they affect the overall experience.

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Jacobster2080d ago

Hmm couldn't read this article, but what I did notice is that coheasive isn't a word! I think Uncharted 3's approach with micro-transactions is pretty damn right greedy - seeing as ND already offered a season pass to extend the longevity of the game and also make some money at the same time. I was okay with this at the beginning seeing as the perceived value of maps and skins was acceptable. Now ND are pretty much telling their gamers we don't really care about you we just want your money. What do you guys think?

LAWSON722080d ago

if you want to see greed buy forza 4 and all dlc, it would cost you at least $100 and some on disc cars could not be used unless you preordered it at a certain store. seriously in the career mode i would race against these preorder cars but yet i could not have them.

aliengmr2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Unless ME3s MP has changed recently, the MTs were entirely avoidable. In fact it seemed rather stupid to waste any money on them at all.

I also couldn't read the article. So if I am way off base I stand corrected.

InTheLab2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Yeah....I've spent thousands of points on the spectre packs and only unlocked rank 10 for a few of the starter weapons and a few others. 18 spectre packs in a row which should guarantee me at least 2 rare items but all I ever got was a few minor upgrades and XP for classes I never use.

So to test things out, I buy a premium pack and immediately unlock a Female Quarian. I had a few bucks left over so I spent them on more packs, which unlocked a Batarian and the Harpoon Rifle.

Bioware clearly manipulates the odds in favor of paying customers vs. those that grind enough points through gold maps. It's bulls*** of the highest order...and what does UC3 have to do with anything???

cleft52080d ago

Bro if I spend real money than I had better have higher odds at getting better stuff. It's not bullshit to boost the odds of better loot for those who paid real cash to unlock stuff. Look at any game that has micro transactions, you can always buy the better stuff. The fact that it is random simply amazes me. I know people that have paid and gotten shit gear still.

InTheLab2080d ago

I get that but the whole point of their mediocre multiplayer is to get you to not trade the game in. So when I'm rewarded with, yet another f***in crate full of garbage, it confuses me first, pisses me off second.

Seriously, some of those gold maps were a bitch and it kills me that my reward for dealing with that shlock won't help me in any meaningful way...

cleft52080d ago

My rank is something like 1030, probably more than that. I was ranked in the top 1000 players at one point and I can honestly say that I never purchased anything through the micro transactions. You simply don't need too at all. You can easily run a bronze match with randoms and get enough points to start buying veteran gear. After a few games you get good enough to run Silver matches and that gives you close to 30k every time. So you can buy more Veteran gear, that cost 20k, after each successful match. Beyond that you can easily play as a lvl 1 Salarian Engineer and run Gold matches right away. All you do as the Salarian is spam the Decoy and let everyone else kill the stuff. That nets you 70k. The Spectre packs cost 60k.

You never have to buy anything with real money. Say what you will about Me3, but the multiplayer is very well done and it isn't a money grab. Yes you can spend like a $100 and get a bunch of random stuff and hope that a lot of it is good. But so what, the mp is cooperative not competitive.

InTheLab2079d ago

You actually made it into a group that didn't kick you as a lvl 1 anything on gold?

cleft52079d ago

Yeah lots of times, but to be fair my rank when I started doing gold matches was like lvl 200 something.

Jacobster2078d ago

Gold is easy dude! You wanna be doing Plat matches :) I can't believe you would spend so much money just to get unlocks. Ps I can do Plat with a level 1 :)