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Why the Wii U will be the next generation’s top dog

StickSkills said, "Players can leave notes for each other in their games to either give a heads up on a difficult boss fight, or seek assistance if they require a specific item. The Wii U is also capable of quickly initiating video chat thanks to the GamePad, or transmitting pictures to one another via it’s touch screen. The system shows a wealth of potential, and given that these features will be available right from launch, there’s no telling what Nintendo may have up its sleeve later on in the generation." (Miiverse, Nintendo, Wii U)

The_Infected  +   1121d ago
We will have to wait and see but Nintendo isn't no slouch when it comes to sales, a dedicated userbase, and exclusives.
jaosobno  +   1121d ago
With $400 console (offical price for Japan) that is equal to present gen in terms of graphical abilities, Nintendo should start preparing for a disaster when it comes to sales. Specially when Sony announces smaller and cheaper PS3 on TGS 2012.

Besides what would you rather buy; present gen for $200 or present gen (advertised as next gen) for $400?

Two sides will fight for next gen throne; PS4 and X720.
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zebramocha  +   1121d ago
Why would Sony need to slash the price of the ps3 to undermine the wiiu? It is already almost half the price(if true) besides the ps3 is established,if Nintendo doesn't bring awesome games to the wiiu it'll hurt them more than anything sony could do.
jaosobno  +   1121d ago
Sony will slash price in order for PS3 to be more competitive in general, not out of fear of WiiU.
tehpees3  +   1121d ago
Sorry to burst your bubble jaosobno but I have a question for you.

If (like you say) people do power comparisons with price why is Vita flopping currently?

Because NOBODY CARES about specs - price comparison. Its games. Main stream consumers don't care if it costs that much in Japan because they don't care about graphics.
mcstorm  +   1121d ago
@tehpees3 Your spot on there. Look at most things that sell more than any other and they are not always the most powerful or the best on the market but they are advised well.

Juat in the console wars over the last few years shows this.
PS1 sold more than the N64 which was more powerful.
PS2 sold more than the gamecube and xbox which were more powerful.
Wii sold more than the 360 and PS3 which were more powerful.
Gameboy out sold everything thrown at it and they were all more powerful same for the GBA and the DS and now the 3DS.

Then you have things like the Iphone which has outsold every other phone each gen and has not been the most powerful.

I cant say the WiiU will out sell the next xbox or Playstation but specs don't have anything to do with sales it is how they are pushed infront of the general public and the Iphone 5 will prove this when it comes out As the Samsung Galaxy s3, HTC one X and Lumia 920 are all by far better specked devices but apple are very good at creating hype over there products and for 80% of the public that are not into technology they will like what they are shown.

For me who ever shows off there next console the best to the mass market will sell the most consoles but I do think all 3 consoles will have good sales again.
Bowzabub  +   1121d ago
Perhaps it will be top dog, but I love all my dogs. Doesn't everyone? No offense cat owners!
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1121d ago
Very well written article.
chukamachine  +   1121d ago
They won't.

It'll be close all round.
majiebeast  +   1121d ago
That third party support is a gamble cause if the ps4 and 720 are much more powerful then the wiiu, it will be dropped in a second.
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DG90  +   1121d ago
Can I borrow that crystal ball you used to find this out? I wanna see next week Lottery numbers.
rezzah  +   1121d ago
Maybe the author knows something about the next xbox and PS4 that we don't.
TheLyonKing  +   1121d ago
cause when it is out it will have no competetion.

However it will suffer the same fate as the wii it will get shitty ports when the two bigger consoles come a long sporting better graphic etc.
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