PsAll-Stars Beta Expands Soon, EU Beta Delayed

There has been an update on information regarding the next PlayStation All-Stars Beta phases. The EU beta was actually supposed to start yesterday. Look out for an email!

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Carl_Shocker1860d ago


Something by the SCEE is delayed...that is SUCH a surprize ¬¬

subtenko1860d ago

Omar: "Ok guys we're ready to go live with this thing. You did omit the new hidden content on the disc right?"

Devs: "Oh you mean how like last time those were leaked?"

Omar: "Yea...."

Devs: "......."

Omar: "Yea, delay it. Take the hidden content out the beta guys! We aren't trying to have anymore leaks -_-;" xD

-Mika-1860d ago

Was I suppose to laugh?

subtenko1860d ago

@Mika If you want to, I'm just having a little fun as I am really excited about this game, and I love the community and the developers of the game. Cheers!

RmanX10001860d ago

at least they get it before NA...

Outside_ofthe_Box1860d ago

I can't wait to finally get hands-on experience with this game.

FinaLXiii1860d ago

whats the point delaying a beta?

NastyLeftHook01860d ago

what about the usa? beta codes anyone?

StrongMan1860d ago

I'm having a blast with this beta. Best mash up brawler I've ever played.

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