Aussie version of GTA IV completely uncensored

A few of our readers have been emailing in and asking whether the Australian version of Grand Theft Auto IV would be censored in any way.

Well, we decided to check with Rockstar, who provided the response that many Australians have been waiting for.

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xhi43785d ago



Alcohog3785d ago

You could have just imported an uncensored version since the PS3 is region free.

xhi43784d ago

i'd have to wait a whole extra week minimum for me to play it after everyone else gets it.........hell to the NO lol

1 Day would be too much to wait..........and its 82 more days :( :( :( :( :( :(

SlappingOysters3784d ago

this is old news. It was in gameplayer's huge feature from two weeks ago

Bathyj3784d ago

Oh yeah baby. Thats what I want. Lets hope they dont do a GTA3 and release it for 2 weeks and then totally flip flop their position and recall it. Spineless weasels.

Korosuke3784d ago

2 weeks is not that bad.
In my country, GTA is always released behind a year or so with full of censorships... :(
As for San Andreas, All the non-gang characters(I mean peds) are set as members of Ballas(disguise as civilian). What's happend...

Gazman3784d ago

Who cares when theres ebay thats where I get all my ps3 games

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