Gamedaily Feature: Video Game Writers Seek Recognition

Gamedaily report, video game writers have historically been overlooked, ignored or forgotten. But with the Writers Guild of America having created a new category, game writers might finally get their due. Gamedaily continues:

Awards for the best video game writing? Isn't that an oxymoron? Aren't video games about jumping, shooting, running, shooting, and -- more shooting?

Not according to the Writers Guild of America which, this Thursday -- despite the strike -- intends to single out one game as worthy of a 2008 Writers Guild Award. It's a first for the WGA, having been spearheaded by the Guild's New Media Caucus "to encourage storytelling excellence in video games, to improve the status of writers, and to begin to encourage uniform standards" within the gaming industry.

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Graphics by ATi3818d ago

Of COURSE they should be recognized!

It would be a damned SHAME if they weren't.

I especially praise the writers of the story from Bioshock, the story from the Darkness, and the story from Heavenly Sword.

meepmoopmeep3818d ago

there are so many games that have such amazing and intriguing stories... better than a lot of films i've wathced. the game writers should be as recognized as any other professional writer

LastDance3818d ago

microsoft will have to employ writers now.

King20083818d ago

on when this award show is Square would win alot of these awards because the stories in Final Fantasy games are usually pretty amazing. So whoever writes those should be rewarded. I also liked the story pace of Uncharted and Heavenly Sword and i cant for "Would you kindly" story of Bioshock but the graphics of these games really helps with the stories so maybe it could be a team award.

Cyrus3653818d ago

Question is, if they start recognizing Game writers, will they have to join and be part of writer's guild, thus be on strike, if something goes down in Hollywood.