Resident Evil Retrospective

GR: "The survival horror series has transformed, mutated, and otherwise zombified over the years, but two major additions are in the pipe this year. With movies and games over the next month, let's look back and where Chris, Jill, Leon and company have been."

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insertcoin2110d ago

Ah, back to the days when Resident Evil had no DLC, just the entire game in all of its glory.

knifefight2110d ago

I had grown up watching my older friends/neighbors play the first couple of Resident Evil games, but the first I played myself was Code Veronica on the Dreamcast. Good times :)

GTRrocker6662110d ago

Resident evil 1-4 were great. Never played 5. 6 looks ok i guess...

FalconR2892110d ago

If only Shinji Mikami was still at the helm of resient evil all would be fine in the world of that universe.

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