FFVII Remake Possible If Development Schedules Open Up

Square Union presents an Official Playstation Magazine interview with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII project Director, Hajime Tabata who dives into the method behind the madness that is the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix and Tabata may still be in denial about the lackluster Dirge of Cerberus, but Tabata slides in a hint at the one blockage that's standing in the way of a Final Fantasy VII next gen remake.

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games4fun3963d ago

i will be happy a ps3 version with updated gfx (you dont even have to change any of the gameplay its fine) then add in some extra sidequests/stories and some extra characters and your done advertise it for a week and word will get round and everyone will buy it, i would anyway :)

zambrota3963d ago

i think they will do exactly that

SQE please keep the gameplay of FF7 same but just update the graphics

thedude176553963d ago

for this gen they already have the characters designed and some of the final fantasy 7 universe due to the movie and the trailer at e3. So it wouldn't take as along as people think to make the game, but i am sure it would take time just not as along as ff13 or vs13.

Genki3963d ago

For me, it wouldn't have anywhere near the same effect as did the original if everything was the same down to a T(besides gfx of course).

That's just me, my opinion, and I'm not insinuating that anyone else is wrong...just for clarification.

Anyway, I'd like them to try something different, maybe not stray too far away from the original formula, but add some things, maybe 3D movement for strategic purposes, something new, I don't know, but something.

They will of course have to keep's part of the universe itself, so I'm not worried about that, but I do think they should add something of a contemporary flair to the gameplay.

coolfool3963d ago

That there is a fine balance. SE will want to please as many people as they possibly can with a remake.

So to please the diehards, they will want to keep as much of game the same as they can but to make a remake a worthy "update" to the orignal they will have to add some current gen gameplay style to complement the updated graphics.

And because of that I don't think the remake (I'll talk about it as if it WILL happen) will be exactly the same but there won't much changed.

Shadow Flare3962d ago

Im almost certain SE will remake FF7, just when they are finished with FF13. But it does bother me as to how they will change the game. The battle system worries me most, because i would be perfectly happy with the original turn-based system. If they include the new style battle system, i just hope it works really well. This game isn't worth taking a risk over if it ruins the experience. Just keep the same game but do with the ps3 what you couldn't do with the ps1 Square

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TheHater3963d ago

There is a 100 percent chance that this game will be remake. Let see, there is already remake for the first six final fantasy. That more than enough to think that VII will be remake.

XiaoSet3963d ago

Those (excluding III and IV for DS) are made in a relatively quick fashion, if they were to remake FFVII for PS3, it would take years, like it has been for FFXIII and FFvXIII. My point is, if they remake a game, from PS1 days or earlier, into a next-gen (or now-gen) game, it would take twice as long to do.

I'm all for this, it'd be awesome to fight Sephiroth in 1080p :P

TheHater3963d ago

dude kicking Sephiroth ass in 1080p would f**king rock. I am think somewhere around the line of Advent Children CG Movie graphic

Rybnik3963d ago

It sure is looking like its going to happen this gen, I can't wait. I have wished for this since that E3 05 demo! Especially after seeing Advent Children...I always thought that Midgar would look awesome as a fully dynamic rendered 3D city. Hurry up and finish FF XIII (really excited for this to) so we can get this!!!

INehalemEXI3963d ago

Ive thought its likely not made yet because they want to make it after they have mastered this new gen, with all the new engines and middleware.

Its something they would'nt want to release first or second year. More like 2011 IMO. I just can't wait to get my hands on Crisis Core and Dissidia, and the remastered psn ff7. I will wait for them to go all out on the PS3 FFVII Remake.

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meepmoopmeep3963d ago

would be every FF fans dream come true... but i'd be happy just for a PSN version to download

Zhuk3963d ago

It would be quite the coup if they could get the remake to be a Xbox 360 exclusive

Whoooop3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

would....... if.......could

sorry bud... the other zone is Open for ya.

DrPirate3963d ago

lmao, yeah it would. It would quite literally be the ultimate irony considering this is what gave the PS1 it's biggest push and forever associated FF with Sony.

darkshiz3963d ago

And what come in 10 disc? and sell like crap in Japan.

darkside3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

didn't FF7 was publish by Sony or something?

pwnsause3963d ago

lmao, oh zhuk, please stop making people laugh with your absurd comments.

PlayStation3603963d ago

however, like Pirate wrote, FFVII was published by Sony in America and Europe. So, the 360 will not have a chance to get exclusivity.

coolfool3963d ago

I can see SE wanting to make it multiplatform.

Think of the benefits for everyone.

SE get more revenue making the remake more cost effective.

Sony fans get what they want.

PS3 and 360 owners get a game they might not have played before(I consider Sony fans to be brand loyalists, not necessarily fan boys though).

The game would be one of the most played games in history in terms of amount of different people who have played the game.

OmegaKulu3962d ago

lol, please, you're not even trying now.

Iron Man 23962d ago

LOL Zhuk,you never fail to make a fool out of yourself seriously;)

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DrPirate3963d ago

Day -14 for me. I'll be waiting 2 weeks in line for one.

Whooop!!!! What's up man, still won't forgive you for beating my record, I don't think I'll be able to score that high again :(

Whoooop3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

The game consumes too much... I don't know how people got to 1 billion.

When I broke your record I left the controller alone to end the game because I was way too tired to keep playing...

You want to know something funny?? well wasn't funny when It happened.

Before I broke your record I was playing like 2 days before and I had like 180 mill points, got tired and I ended the game thinking it would keep the score... mannnn I almost smashed the PS3 with my computer chair.

haha.. don't give up though, I want to get motivation to play again...


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