Team ICE releases ELF2SELF: run ELF files on PS3

It seems Team ICE is hot on trying to find any possible Sony PlayStation 3 exploits and the team already has several tricks up its sleeves. According to QJ.NET forums user snap006, the team agreed to release the ELF2SELF tool that it uses to run ELF files on the Sony PS3.

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Carbon3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

PS3 Rules!

Graphics by ATi3728d ago

Oh boy....this is starting to get big!

I can't wait until somebody cracks this beast completely wide open.

Dark_Vendetta3728d ago

This is nothing. They didn't achieve anything. The RFOM "exploit" and the tiff "exploit" (both are NOT exploits, so why do they call them so?) were found about 1 year ago. It's even possible with warhawk. The only think what happens when you use this one is that your Ps3 crashs. You can't imply your own code or anything. The Ps3 hacking scene was at the same point 1 year ago

Ju3728d ago

They hack for the hacking purpose it seems. Useful ? Hardly. Sony could simply open up the RSX or allow someone to write a (closed source?) DRI driver which supports shaders and what not. The benefit ? It would run a linux kernel and allow homebrew (e.g. with a linux embedded kernel) but will not run any (copied?) games. Its pretty impossible to sell those games in competition to native PS3 games anyhow. People want to put a disk in and go. The Average Joe doesn't want to fiddle around with bootstrappers, kernels or operating systems. But it would take some wind out of the sails of the hacker scene (they'll still try to crack it so, just to show they can). And it would motivate the bedroom coders to learn how the CELL works.

rushbd3728d ago

one of the big reason of PS2 selling so much in ASIA is the modchip. I think the world will see a big surge in PS3 sales when a working modchip releases. it's not right but this is how it goes... Why do you think 360 is so popular in INDIA? I have hundreds of friends in bangladesh who are waiting for a modchip to release for PS3.