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Wii U preview and first impressions - Wii U Daily

Wii U Daily got a chance to try out the Wii U console and some games. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Ihaa  +   946d ago
To everyone saying that the Wii U has a weak line up cause of prots or the graphics sucking compared to PC specs, for one thing, the wii u launch actually has a good load of exclusives. Far more than any previous console launch and some good ones too (ex: mario U, pikmin 3, nintendo land, the wonderful 101, bayonetta 2, etc.). As for specs, compare the specs needed to run battlefield 3 on pc and on ps3/360. Consoles have a mere 512mb of ram and still run it pretty respectively. Pc needs atleast 2 gigs to run it. You can't compare PC gaming to console. PC has too much driver lag that does not allow direct access to the GPU as well as the impossibility to optimize for so consoles don't need 4gigs of ram to look good. Besides, later on in the life cycle, it may be 1.5gigs to games as the OS gets optimized.

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