Nintendo, Please Don’t Mess Up Your Most Important Press Conference Of The Year

Pixels or Death's Mike Barrett has a serious discussion with Nintendo and explains why they need to nail their next press conference in a big way.

"If you do something amazing tomorrow, all minds will be on your product and wallets everywhere will open to pour life into your veins again.

It honestly wouldn’t take a whole lot. A decent price point and solid list of launch ready games will go a long way towards proving The Big N still holds the throne, but we’re expecting that. Drop our jaws with something unexpected and millions will jump onboard again, even if only to see how it turns out."

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TheFinalEpisode2201d ago

I hope it leaves a better impression than what it did at E3.
Fingers crossed for the next Smash Bros

StayStatic2201d ago

I expect my Jimmies to be rustled.

colonel1792201d ago

Not necessarily the next Smash Bros since it might have just started production, but it would be nice to get a glimpse of games coming next year. If they only focus on launch games and launch window, then it means that we won't see anything new (that we haven't seen) until next E3, which in my opinion is a bad move. I am someone that won't buy the Wii U at launch, but it would be nice to see what Nintendo (and third parties) have to offer for next year.

If they wait until next E3, they might get outshined by a imminent announcement from Sony and MS of the next generation consoles.

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Biohazard88602201d ago

Just need price and release date.

cyberninja2201d ago

@ pachterstink: i don't know what you smoking, but i don't want none of that.

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madjedi2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Why do people even deal with multi account trolls. If they start talking sales right away that is a dead give away that this isn't a gamer. But some debubbled fanboys alt account.

Espically if any criticism is responded by calling the person "insert console" hater.

LAWSON722201d ago

What time is this conference

Stephen55432201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

The conference in question is taking place at 10am (Eastern). This conference will be live streamed.
(which I believe it will be streamed here )

Also note that there will be Nintendo Directs for other countries at the same time. [and as a bonus Japan is getting a Nintendo Direct at 3 am and 10 am (Eastern)]

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