Gamedaily: Sins of a Solar Empire Review

Gamedaily writes, Even Supreme Commander, the first real-time strategy (RTS) game that let players zoom out to get a strategic view of an entire continent or planet, couldn't capture the incredible scope that Sins of a Solar Empire covers. In Sins, players gain a commanding view of entire galaxies. By combining elements of turn-based 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) strategy games like Civilization with real-time strategy features, Sins manages is a well-paced game that doesn't get buried under a ton of micromanagement. The concept might seem completely absurd to many, since traditional 4X games appeals mainly to people who spend hours micromanaging an empire and building economic and diplomatic relations with other faction. RTS gamers, on the other hand, rely on quickly building up their forces and heading straight in the fight. These two strategy types make very unlikely bedfellows, but Sins manages to make it work.

Sins of a Solar Empire can be a little slow in the beginning, but things quickly pick up as the empire expands and its economy grows. However, building up to a strong position requires a great deal of patience. This is a real-time game that definitely isn't for twitch reflex gamers. What Sins does extremely well is offer a unique game experience with a fantastic amount of detail, right down to the string of ship traffic flying around the planet's atmosphere. Sins makes an excellent first step toward a new kind of deep strategy gaming that doesn't need an "End Turn" button.

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Greysturm3818d ago

However since i havent upgraded my pc in a while i think ill pass on it since the demo for world in conflict was severerly plagued in my pc. The only game that seems worthy of shelling cash for the upgrade remains starcraft 2.

mariusmal3818d ago

i got a 3 years old pc and it runs on high setings. u should try on yours. being playing all day and it's kick ass

Greysturm3818d ago

If only theyd made a demo to check if i dont have a problem running it.

TheIneffableBob3818d ago

The demo is releasing in a few weeks.

But trust me, Sins of a Solar Empire will run fantastically on old computers. It's not a system hog at all because what you see on screen isn't as complex as, say, a Crysis or even a Half-Life 2. The game still looks great, though.

MK_Red3818d ago

Nice find and review though I was expecting a higher score based on previews ahd huge hype among PC gamers.

TheIneffableBob3818d ago

I mean, they gave The Witcher a 6 out of 10 and called it 'Mediocre'. Seriously now. And the review reads like they didn't even get to Act II, which is around 3 to 4 hours into the game.

Cyrus3653818d ago

Hmmm I might have to check this game out, I'm a big fan of RTS games, and if it can run on a 3 year old computer like the above poster mentined, then I think it's got a shot on mine...

minefield3818d ago

Man I want this and Galactic Civilizations 2 sooo bad. I've been playing too much goddamn games lately that I'm not getting anything freakin' done. Alas I'm going to have to pass due to there not being enough time. And that sucks.