Gamedaily: The Enemies of Gaming - Gaming Under Fire

Gamedaily writes, from curmudgeonly lawyers to Presidential hopefuls, this group of eight crusaders like to stir up trouble for the gaming biz. Here are the top 8 Enemies of Gaming:

8. Pope Benedict XVI

Last year, Pope Benedict XVI said that "any trend to produce programs and products -- including animated films and video games -- which in the name of entertainment exalt violence and portray anti-social behavior or the trivialization of human sexuality is a perversion."

7. Roger Ebert

In 2007, film critic Roger Ebert said that video games, unlike films, are not a valid artform. We could let slide the fact that motion pictures were once regarded as the bane of society and could never be recognized as true art

6. Cooper Lawrence
5. Fox News
4. University of Michigan Video Game Violence Project
3. Senators Hillary Clinton, Leland Yee and Joe Lieberman
2. Rockstar Games
and 1. Jack Thompson

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Cyrus3653699d ago

I wonder what snapped Jack Thompson to be this way, I know it's related to GTA, but to see what it has caused him to do in his life (like sending his son to get games, to other crazy acts...)

Johnny Cullen3699d ago

Why in gods name would Rockstar be an enemy of gaming? Fair enough, theres GTA but I still dont see why =S

Also, if Clinton becomes president of the US, we may be in for a rough time =(

Ares843699d ago

WTF is that supposed to mean??

Darth Gamer3699d ago

I also agree that R* should be on the list. (maybe not that high up, but still on the list) It seems to me that they are screwing things up for the rest of us. Every game that they create, is pushing the envelope a bit further. Just like what the artical stated, This company is just giving the rest on that list more and more ammunition. I am not arguing that they are not a great company or that they make great games but they could be doing so in a different manner. I personally don't want to see my favorite past time affected and I don't think this company is helping our case with every new game they release. With the talent that this company has, they could be making games that don't involve beating up law enforsement, selling drugs or F'ing Prostitutes. Not to even mention the Manhunt garbage. I'm not saying they should become saints, but atleast tone it down a bit.