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Submitted by Aclay 1244d ago | opinion piece

Why Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Is One Of The Greatest Games Ever Made

Gamesradar- Say what you want about the Call of Duty series, but the first Modern Warfare deserves to be listed as one of the greatest games ever made. Annual releases and franchise fatigue have turned many former fans away, and the series' popularity has made it so big with the supposed "dude-bro" crowds that more “sophisticated” gamers act as if they need to shy away from the multiplayer powerhouse.

But before all of the sequels and popularity backlash came about, Modern Warfare was blowing us away with cinematic, interactive gameplay, highly polished mechanics, and some of the best competitive multiplayer available on consoles. Even today, the original Modern Warfare holds up as one of the best shooters of this generation. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Culture, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Relientk77  +   1244d ago
This is one of the games I played the most this generation, the single-player, split-screen, and online multiplayer. This game is just awesome.
xXBlondieVanHarlowXx  +   1244d ago
Every time you comment i picture Jonah Hill saying exactly what you wrote lol. It makes your comments seem THAT much more awesome. I think i'll give you an agree and a (funny bubs+). :O,,,,,,,

On topic: And yea Cod4 was rad!!! lol
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blue_flowers  +   1244d ago
agreed, everything about COD Modern Warfare was right. i remember when they first showed this off at E3 and i was blown away by the sniper level demoed on stage. it truly is sad what's become of a current generation defining game. in a way seeing COD MW3 and COD BO2, it's seems as if this generation of consoles has come full circle and its time to move on.
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Kenjifirera  +   1244d ago
I so agree this IS the game that defined a new generation of FPS gaming. COD4 FTW!
guitarded77  +   1244d ago
Anyone who disagrees is in denial. Love it or hate it, CoD4:MW set the standard for the modern shooter. Some implementations are brilliant, others are meh... the team at Infinity Ward at the time, really had a lot of great ideas, and implemented them well, which is the goal of a great programmer/designer.
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HammadTheBeast  +   1244d ago
I'd say Halo did, but CoD changed FPS gaming a lot because of the polish ist had. Which wore off after MW2.
QuantumWake  +   1244d ago
There were so many great games that came out in 2007. We had BioShock, Halo 3, Uncharted, Mass Effect, etc... But man, COD4 was just a complete package. Not only was the multiplayer fun, but the campaign was just so well designed (I mean, who doesn't remember playing the ghillies mission for the first time?).

This was the definitive Call of Duty imo.
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vickers500  +   1244d ago
Loved this game. I wish it hadn't been as successful as it was though, then maybe Activison wouldn't have gotten so cocky and realized they could just copy and paste each entry of COD.
Cosmit  +   1244d ago
vickers500  +   1244d ago
TheFallenAngel  +   1244d ago
Yes it is! The campaign and the multiplayer were worth every penny. AMAZING game.
ChunkyLover53  +   1244d ago
Its funny to me how great things are looked upon later on in life. So many times I've went back to games I enjoyed when I was younger and really thought was amazing, only to find that the game wasn't "all that" as it were.

Call Of Duty 4 was great at the time, mostly because they dared to take a FPS game out of WWII. I think people tend to forget that the M-16 was a 1 hit kill, the MP5 was the end all kill all, the chopper glitch, no stack-able UAV's, no way to take down UAV's. Glitches that were never fixed, the dead man glitch, the rock glitch on Overgrown, the terrible maps like Block, the re-spawning enemies during the campaign, no host migration or smoothing.

The game was fun and a change of direction in the COD series, but I think even COD2 was better.
Kaos_Vll  +   1244d ago
let me take a wild guess and say you'd replace it with one of the halo's right? or anything 360 only related right?
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ChunkyLover53  +   1244d ago
I hadn't really thought about it, or replacing it. I haven't played a single game this generation where I thought it was the greatest game ever.

Not sure why you would bring up 360 games, as I never said a single thing about the Xbox 360, and I own a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

I appreciate the attempt at trying to pigeon hole me though.
Kaos_Vll  +   1243d ago
"I own a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii."

lol sure you do bud, sure you do.

no biggie to me bud, was just making an observation of your previous post pattern (wow btw, bias much?)
frankboy2012  +   1244d ago
The most balanced multiplayer out the bunch cod4 beats its younger brothers by a long shot,and totally agree with everyone saying that recent cods has now started to lose its magic.Yes it does get the sales and yes its probably got the biggest fan base in gaming history but when all said and done you cant not admit that it needs a break re-group itself and bring something new and fresh to the table and im not just talking about a few new maps/weapons/killstreaks etc.
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Khan613  +   1244d ago
Regarding the PC edition:

1 - Original (Besides Battlefield 2, there wasn't much like it out there at the time)

2 - Community Support - the game supported community MODS!!!

3 - Free map packs - but let's face it, the packs were free because PC gamers didn't want to pay for extra maps, something that was free on almost every other PC FPS title at the time.

Gradually we've had this perk (no pun intended) taken away from us and now we are forced to pay for maps - just like the console pups.

I still play this game more often than the sequels even though graphically, its a little dated.
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Asgaro  +   1243d ago
Don't forget the dedicated servers on PC ;)

I transitioned to Battlefield after I bought MW2 a long time ago. Call of Duty is so bad right now.
coolbeans  +   1244d ago
Eh...I don't consider it the best COD this gen.
I still hold Call of Duty 2 a bit higher than MW1.

Edit: Sorry to spoil the consistency above my post. :P
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snowman2149  +   1244d ago
COD4 is by far the best multiplayer game I've played this generation, man those were the days...
HeavenlySnipes  +   1244d ago
The Campaign was good
but not as "emotional and thrilling" as the author claims. Since it was made as an individual story (meaning its story didn't end with a cliffhanger or didn't really leave unanswered questions) lots of things were jumbled together to finish up the story in less than 10 hours. The character development and such was not great in the game.

As for the AI programming, it was bad simply put. Not as bad as Crysis 2's (which is absolutely horrendous) but you see signs of lazy development on higher difficulties with enemies being aware of your presence even if they don't see you and the pinpoint accuracy they have even when you are in cover.

Never played the MP but it spawned a lot more console online gaming than there was before. (IMO Halo revolutionized online FPS gaming to the masses)
Gamer-Z  +   1244d ago
COD4 started this whole COD craze its one of the best FPS's ever made and is one my all time favorite games. Its the only game i would stay up all night playing with friends.
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LAWSON72  +   1244d ago
If it ain't in my top 20 it is pretty close it was a fantastic muotiplayer experience and has some great maps
CernaML  +   1244d ago
The old Infinity Ward really are a special bunch.

Turns out Respawn Entertainment is surprisingly close to where I live. Makes me wonder what they could possibly be cooking up behind those doors...
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VverdugovV  +   1244d ago
Cod4- Best Cod. Had a few problems (like martydom, juggernaught, etc.) but everything else was excellent.

WaW- Nazi Zombies! Multiplayer wasn't as good as Cod4.

MW2- Huge maps, Spec-ops and lots of weapons, but it's the most unbalanced Cod I've ever played. Overpowered weapons and perks (one-man army and danger close come to mind). Was hacked during the first month.

Black ops- More Nazi Zombies! More balanced than MW2, Theater mode, emblem editor and Cod points. But I thought the graphics looked cartoony compared to MW2 and Cod4.

MW3- Spec-ops, Survival and point streaks but has small maps, the guns sound awful and the worst spawn system in any Cod.
memots  +   1244d ago
Agreed , Had a blast with Cod4
Straightupbeastly  +   1244d ago
Too bad cod 4 devs are long gone and the franchise is left with shitty devs
dcortz2027  +   1243d ago
COD4 was a masterpiece! I'd give anything to go back to the COD4 days! It's such a shame to see what has become of the once great COD series. It's one of my favorite games ever, I played the sh*t out of it online.


LOL you must have gotten your arse handed to you on COD4, I bet I could kill you with the G3 or the Skorpion while you would use the M16 or the MP5. There were no overpowered guns in COD4, they were just the most popular, therefore the most used. No way to take down UAVS? Uhhh.. UAV Jammer was in the game for a reason. Glitches? Yeah, because the recent COD games are all glitch free right? Bad maps? If COD4 had bad maps, then BO and MW3 have sh*tty maps!
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johnsonbat  +   1243d ago
Best SP FPS this gen for me. Enjoyed every minute and always fun to go back to.
medman  +   1243d ago
Modern warfare was the videogame equivalent of shock and awe. I still get warm feelings recalling All Ghillied Up. Every once in a while a game comes along that changes the genre. Modern Warfare was that game for the fps this gen, much like gears of war was that this gen for the third person shooter.
medman  +   1243d ago
Modern warfare was the video game equivalent of shock and awe. I still get warm feelings recalling All Ghillied Up. Every once in a while a game comes along that changes the genre. Modern Warfare was that game for the fps this gen, much like gears of war was that this gen for the third person shooter.

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