Why Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Is One Of The Greatest Games Ever Made

Gamesradar- Say what you want about the Call of Duty series, but the first Modern Warfare deserves to be listed as one of the greatest games ever made. Annual releases and franchise fatigue have turned many former fans away, and the series' popularity has made it so big with the supposed "dude-bro" crowds that more “sophisticated” gamers act as if they need to shy away from the multiplayer powerhouse.

But before all of the sequels and popularity backlash came about, Modern Warfare was blowing us away with cinematic, interactive gameplay, highly polished mechanics, and some of the best competitive multiplayer available on consoles. Even today, the original Modern Warfare holds up as one of the best shooters of this generation.

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Relientk771918d ago

This is one of the games I played the most this generation, the single-player, split-screen, and online multiplayer. This game is just awesome.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Every time you comment i picture Jonah Hill saying exactly what you wrote lol. It makes your comments seem THAT much more awesome. I think i'll give you an agree and a (funny bubs+). :O,,,,,,,

On topic: And yea Cod4 was rad!!! lol

000011918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

agreed, everything about COD Modern Warfare was right. i remember when they first showed this off at E3 and i was blown away by the sniper level demoed on stage. it truly is sad what's become of a current generation defining game. in a way seeing COD MW3 and COD BO2, it's seems as if this generation of consoles has come full circle and its time to move on.

Kenjifirera1918d ago

I so agree this IS the game that defined a new generation of FPS gaming. COD4 FTW!

guitarded771918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Anyone who disagrees is in denial. Love it or hate it, CoD4:MW set the standard for the modern shooter. Some implementations are brilliant, others are meh... the team at Infinity Ward at the time, really had a lot of great ideas, and implemented them well, which is the goal of a great programmer/designer.

HammadTheBeast1918d ago

I'd say Halo did, but CoD changed FPS gaming a lot because of the polish ist had. Which wore off after MW2.

QuantumWake1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

There were so many great games that came out in 2007. We had BioShock, Halo 3, Uncharted, Mass Effect, etc... But man, COD4 was just a complete package. Not only was the multiplayer fun, but the campaign was just so well designed (I mean, who doesn't remember playing the ghillies mission for the first time?).

This was the definitive Call of Duty imo.

vickers5001918d ago

Loved this game. I wish it hadn't been as successful as it was though, then maybe Activison wouldn't have gotten so cocky and realized they could just copy and paste each entry of COD.

TheFallenAngel1918d ago

Yes it is! The campaign and the multiplayer were worth every penny. AMAZING game.

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The story is too old to be commented.