CheatCC Preview: Robocalypse for Nintendo DS - When Robots Attack...

CheatCC writes: "The idea that a simple programming slipup could send a batch of mechanized monstrosities cavorting off into the world bent on destruction and carnage is not entirely unfamiliar. Movies like the Terminator and Maximum Overdrive are stark - and somewhat campy in the latter case due to the green alien green light - variations on the theme, but the topic hasn't frequently been given an overtly humorous treatment. This is perhaps because such an incident is entirely plausible with today's advances in technology and even a likely event in the future. A video game seems the perfect medium to broach the subject in a casual and funny way (while humans prepare to wrap their brains around the eventual mechanical onslaught to come), and Robocalypse will not be lacking in the humor or the diabolical sentient machine departments."

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