Insomniac finished with single-player-only games

CEO Ted Price says he "can't imagine" studio will make any more single-player-only games; believes technology advancements have allowed for greater social play.

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dee-ecks2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Yep, and thats why their newer stuff has sucked ass. They've lost their focus.
Insomniac + Playstation +Single-player=$$$$$$$
Insomniac + Playstation + Multi-player=$$$
Insomniac+Playstation+360+Mul ti-player=$
Hmmmm, the math checks out. Looks like someone forgot who(or what)Brought them to the dance!

Laxman2082d ago

Jeez man, this is a family site - Cover Up! Your fanboy is showing!

doogiebear2082d ago

Another developer sells it's soul. Good riddance. Sucker Punch should take over the Ratchet series (the single player), they make fantastic platformers anyway.

Capt-FuzzyPants2082d ago

I don't think it sucks that bad. If they still make the single player as good as "A Crack in Time" then I'm fine. Multiplayer is fine with me as long as the sp doesn't take any sort of drop in quality.

Shaman2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Insomniac is finished and thats what happens when companies grow beyond their capabilities and they release games like they are on track. ACIT was great game, RE2 sucked and RE3 was a mess (although SP was enjoyable it was technically poor, and MP sucked). All 4 One is B grade studio kind of game, and from what they have shown with FUSE, they take generic to a whole another level. Hopefully they wake up from this "social" bs crap, and star make games like they did last gen. Great artstyle, lots of character and solid gampeplay because as it stands, they fell of pretty hard.

Just compare Ratchet character with FUSE's. Night and day. If somebody told me FUSE was Silicon Knights game I would believe them. Looks like even more generic Binary Domain only with "cool weapons".

Heavenly King2082d ago

I agree with most. R1 was a nice attempt on the shooting genre that had great potential. R2 went in a different way, but trying to conserve some elements of R1, so it was very inconsistent with the vision of the game. But I like it more than R1 because they made Hale an interesting character, not just a zombie that shoots aliens. It was not a complete change though, they needed to continue with that vision in order to make him a relevant video game character. But in R3 they threw all of that, and yes I also think it was a mess (but in every aspect).

Ratchet and Clank is the best insomniac franchise, if you don't count "one 4 all" that is. A Crack in Time was Spectacular!!!! Hopefully High Impact games can take the torch. The PSP game was really good (but also hard lol).

I dont think they are gonna change the way they are thinking, and that is why Sony did not buy them back then, and that is why the have another publisher right now.

I think, like you said in a comment below, that this new way of thinking is because of the average releases resistance franchise), and they assume that it because their games are not "social" enough.

QuantumWake2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

The fact that they also have partnered up with EA kind of unsettles me. We'll see how the game turns out once it's released. But judging by the recent pics, it just looks like another generic shooter.

I wish Insomniac's future the best.

MySwordIsHeavenly2082d ago

"technically poor"

Screw you, man. Resistance 3 had the best story in the series, the best music (BY FAR), the least cheesy dialogue, and much better graphics than the first two titles.

Skate-AK2082d ago

One thing that I didnt like is that R2 has way better water effects than R3. I also didnt like the ending of R3 but other then that the game was fantastic. Enough for me to Plat it.

NYC_Gamer2082d ago

Insomniac is another victim of the social/mp trend

Shaman2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Its not like thats gamers fault. There are bunch of studios that are SP centric and sell shittone of copies (R*, Bethesda, ND etc.). Its just that they fell of. Simple as that...People come and go when you have world class studio, but when you start putting average games that don't sell, more talent will go out than will come in. Thats whats happening to Insomniac now and thats why Ted is crazy about social bs...

You people may agree or disagree with me, but the fact remains. Insomniacs new game has just been shown couple hours ago and not single article or picture is on front page of N4G. Thats Insomniac new game, not some anonymous studio.

Carl_Shocker2082d ago

"Insomniacs new game has just been shown couple hours ago and not single article or picture is on front page of N4G"

Plus it comes out next March...and we don't know anything about it.

Thats 6 months usualy have a year or over to hype up the game.

f7897902082d ago

RIP Insomniac

You had a long run. It was great.

delicia2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Yeah, I'm a huge fan of the R&C series, but really, what happened to them? I mean, SP was their strong point, as they made fun and enjoyable games. R&C games had a lot of replay value, not because of some MP mode, but just because it was a fun series. Damn, how I miss now the PS2 era...

-Alpha2082d ago

^ I know I'll get disagrees, but I didn't like them when they did Resistance. Insomniac will always be to me, a fun, light-hearted, imaginative studio responsible for creating fantastic worlds in Ratchet and Spyro.

I am sad that they have changed so much, especially in a time when we need less of the same mainstream stuff (multiplayer/co-op, shooting, FPS, war) and more of the creative.

Carl_Shocker2082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Insomniac are dead to me...

In a few years they'll hit rock bottom, multiplayer will take over their once great single player, they'll become nothing like the devs that made the amazing Spyro games, Rachet and Clank and even hell the Resistance games but least then single player came first

Fun while it lasted....just like Capcom, Square Enix and other developers/publishers to walk this path

EDIT: huh thats odd, it says I'm using my second bubble when I've only commented once on this article......hmmm....whatever

Axecution2082d ago Show
-Gespenst-2082d ago


Well I guess that means no more classic R&C games. Nor a Spyro game, sounds like they'd probably refuse if they were given the chance to develop a new one.

Axecution2082d ago

*Looks at the new Ratchet and Clank game with the classic camera coming out*

*Looks at this comment*

*Looks at the agrees*

*Closes browser*

-Gespenst-2082d ago

What do you think I mean by "classic" R&C. I don't mean a PSN tower defense game. Just because it has the "classic camera" doesn't make it a classic R&C game. Just seems like Insomniac are just cashing in on trends with Q Force.

I mean a proper platforming adventure game like previous entries.

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